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Indoor Gardening with Air Plants

Indoor gardening is hot. Whether you’re growing a few low maintenance houseplants in the living room, growing herbs on a window sill or microgreens under lights, more and more people are gardening right inside their home. 

While we all love to have greenery around our living spaces, caring for houseplants can sometimes be a chore. That’s why I love air plants or Tillandsias. In their native environment there are hundreds of different types of air plants adapted to different growing conditions; from dry and wet areas. The one thing they all have in common is these plants hang on trees and literally live off the moisture and nutrients in the air. What could be simpler! 

You can use air plants to make beautiful indoor decorations growing them alone or with other plants. I tuck a few in the foliage of our other houseplants as accents. The most popular way to grow air plants is in clear glass or plastic globes. But you can also attach them to wood and hang them on a wall.

1. Globes & Wood– Select a clear globe that has a large hole in it where you can insert your air plants and other natural objects and can easily remove the plants if needed. You can also attach them to pieces of wood.

Nardozzi Indoor Air Plants

2. Plants and More– Select ferns, mosses, sticks, stones and other objects to compliment your air plants. Arrange them so the air plants are readily accessible.

Charlie Nardozzi-Indoor Gardening with Air Plants  

3. Hang or Attach Them– Attach strings to the globes and hang them or use VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners to attach the globe or piece of wood to a wall.  

Charlie Nardozzi-Indoor Gardening with Air Plants

4. Plant Care– Place your air plants where they will get bright light, but not direct sunlight. An East, West or South facing window is best. Mist the tillandsias in the globe or on the wood a few times a week. If the leaves start to curl, mist them more frequently or remove them and soak them in water for a few hours to rehydrate. It’s that simple!

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