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The Northwest Flower Show and Colored Glass

As a garden ambassador for the VELCRO® Brand Garden Products, I get to speak at a number of flower shows across the country each year on behalf of the VELCRO® Brand. One of my favorite flower shows is the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. It’s filled with the sights, smells and sounds of spring. Plus, there are always unique garden themes. This year the theme was all about using the garden for dining. The garden displays showed creative ways to eat in the garden. 

What could be better! 

VELCRO Brand Garden Show 2017

In warm climates dining can happen year round, but even in cold areas, the summer and fall holds the promise of a meals outdoors among the flowers. Here are a few tips for when you set up your garden area. 

  • Consider if this area is a permanent or temporary dining spot. Use grass for temporary set ups such as blankets on the ground, but pavers or mulch for areas with chairs and tables. 
  • Choose an area that has easy access to the kitchen or grill to reduce walking back and forth for supplies. 
  • Look for ways to provide shade. A pergola with vines, (supported by VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties), umbrellas, or a shade tree all can provide the right ambiance for dining. Select a “room with a view”. 
  • Place your seating area where you get the best view of the beautiful garden and vistas.

You also can’t talk about gardens in Seattle without talking about Chihuly Colored Glass. This famous artist has a sculpture garden in downtown Seattle that’s also worth visiting. It features unsual sculpted glass that mimics and compliments the plants growing in the garden. The colors and combinations add brightness, intrigue and movement to the garden even in winter. 

Velcro Brand Garden Show 2017
Of course, it you’re installing any artwork in your garden you’ll need to fasten it well, especially breakable objects such as glass. VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Fasteners are good for outdoor usage and will keep your works of art upright and safe.  

VELCRO Brand Garden Show 2017   

Stay tuned for more gardening projects on the VELCRO® Brand blog this Spring!

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