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Velcro Companies Introduces “Industrial Trade Range” of Solutions For Construction Applications

Updated Packaging, Design Allow Professionals to More Easily Select the Right Fastening Solutions

Boston, MA – October 11, 2017 – Velcro Companies today announced that it has introduced its Industrial Trade Range of solutions for construction and commercial applications. This suite of hook-and-loop straps and tape features newly designed packaging that allows professionals to quickly and easily find the perfect products for their structural needs.

The new, shelf-ready packaging applies to the following products:

  • VELCRO® Brand Nylon Hook 88 Loop 1000: Designed for indoor applications such as precisely affixing carpet and tiles to a floor or signage to a wall, this powerful fastener features a high-tack acrylic-based adhesive. It is available in 25-yard rolls in black and white, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” widths.
  • VELCRO® Brand Polyester Hook 81 Loop 9000: For general outdoor-use applications that require a moderate closure strength with a long lifecycle, polyester hook and loop provides an excellent alternative to nails or screws. This tape features a rubber-based adhesive designed to adhere to all materials except Vinyl. This fastening solution available in black 25-yard rolls and 1” and 2” widths.
  • VELCRO® Brand Nylon and Polyethylene ONE-WRAP® Tape: This self-engaging tape is specifically designed for bundling and strapping materials. Fully adjustable and reusable, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape is an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plastic cord management solutions typically used in data server rooms or for office electronics. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® is available in 25-yard rolls and widths of ½”, ¾”, and 1”. It also allows professionals to avoid the risk of over-tightening and impairing the performance of electrical cords and cables over time.

“For over 70 years, VELCRO® Brand has been continually innovating to provide smart and effective solutions for a range of business applications,” said Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Velcro Companies. “Our Industrial Trade Range furthers our commitment to solving challenges with easy-to-use fastening and organization products.”

To learn more about Velcro Companies and the VELCRO® Brand, please visit: or

About Velcro Companies

As a “coined” or “fanciful” trademark in legal parlance, the VELCRO® mark is entitled to the strongest trademark protection under the laws of most countries.  Today, the VELCRO® trademark is registered in almost every country in the world, and is the subject of more than 300 trademark registrations worldwide.

Velcro Companies is a technology-driven, global organization providing fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways for businesses and consumers around the world. We have a heritage of innovation spanning more than 50 years and own over 400 active patents and numerous trademarks, including the VELCRO® trademark, which is registered throughout the world. We develop and deliver solutions for customers through an integrated production and service system that includes manufacturing locations in the United States, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain and China and sales offices around the world. To buy genuine VELCRO® brand products and to find out more about our company, visit

Note to editors

At Velcro Companies, we are proud that VELCRO® brand products have become a part of everyday life, but that ubiquity sometimes produces confusion. The VELCRO® trademark should be used only when referring to genuine VELCRO® brand fasteners.  Non-VELCRO® brand products should be identified by their functional terms, such as “hook and loop,” “self-adhesive straps,” and so forth.

The VELCRO® mark should never be used as a noun or a verb. The term “Velcro Companies” should be used when referring to our company and its executives. The proper use of the VELCRO® trademark assists us in safeguarding the integrity of the VELCRO® brand, and helps to protect consumers from products incorrectly sold as VELCRO® brand products.  For further information on the proper use of the VELCRO® trademark, please see the guidelines on our website.

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