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Introducing the VELCRO® Brand Ambassador Movement

We want to introduce you to the VELCRO® Brand Ambassador Movement, also known as the VAM! The VAM is a special place where we collaborate and engage with our customers, fans, bloggers and influencers. We know there are tons of unique and unusual ways our consumers have been using VELCRO® Brand products over the years, and we decided to create a digital space and community to empower our Ambassadors voices and really listen to what they have to say!

We want to know more about how our products and solutions are making a difference. And nobody knows our solutions like those who use them everyday, those who are passionate about DIY, home improvement, life hacking, and beyond. That’s why this community exists: so we can all learn from each other, so we can expand our networks and so we can work together to create amazing connections.

Launched in early 2017, the VAM is an interactive space open to all VELCRO® Brand lovers, where we host Missions, share News and activities for our Ambassadors from all over the world to engage, speak with us (and each other), test and review products, all with some cool prizes and incentives along the way.

We’re building this community in partnership with you so its direction – what we choose to do together, and how – will change as all of us learn about each other and understand what’s most uniquely valuable. You’ll be able to speak directly with members of the VELCRO® Brand team as they will be in the community on a regular basis as will our community manager. You’ll also be able to connect with others like you, whether you’re a VELCRO® Brand customer, a fan, a pro blogger or a combination of all of those things.

We’re always growing the community and would love some new faces, so if you think you’d be interested don’t hesitate to check out the VAM here and sign up!

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