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Charlie Nardozzi’s Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gardeners

The holidays are a tough time to think of just the right gift for a family member or loved one. If the person on your list has a green thumb and likes to garden, that helps! There are lots of choices for the gardener, especially if they’re a DIY kind of person.

With the holidays coming up fast, consider some of these gifts to delight your favorite gardener:


A gardener can never resist a good plant, especially if it’s a perennial flower. While the traditional amaryllis, Paperwhite narcissus and Christmas cactus abound, consider a less common houseplant such as a tillandsia, red Chinese evergreen or orchid. Gardeners love something new and different.


Many gardeners also love a homemade gift. What better than to give them something you’ve grown! This year everyone in my family is getting their own ear of my homegrown popcorn in their stocking. It’s not glamorous, but for the down-home gardener, peeling the kernels off an ear of popcorn and then popping them is like magic.

Garden Supplies

Gardeners love products that have multiple uses. VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties, VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Bags and VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back fasteners make great last minute stocking stuffers. The Plant Ties are great for supporting roses, grapes, tomatoes and many other vertical growing plants. Sticky Back fasteners help a gardener get organized by storing tools in place. PRESS-LOK® bags are great for organizing last year’s and this year’s seeds.

Your Time

My 93 year old mom says don’t buy her gifts anymore, just come spend time with her. What better way to help a gardener than to give them your time. Why not help them with a project such as making a holiday wreath together, prepping a spring garden bed or moving some compost or mulch. They’ll get a garden job done and you’ll have time to catch up.

Happy Holidays!

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