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Keep Vines Climbing by Charlie Nardozzi

Vining plants offer multiple uses in the landscape. They can flower and provide beauty, have attractive foliage, block unsightly views, provide privacy and give you shade. But when growing your vines you’ll need to provide the best support. Some vines can grow into monsters and need strong posts, wires, walls and structures to keep them vertical. Other vines can be trained along a horizontal wire as long as the vines are pruned regularly. Here are five popular vines and their uses.

Grapes– Grapes can be trained along a wire in a small space, pruned heavily and used for growing wine or table grapes. They also can be grown on a pergola or trellis, but the leaves and fruits can become messy in the fall as they drop.

Wisteria– Wisteria is an aggressive vine that grows best up a pergola, pole or wall. The fragrant flowers bloom early in summer, then the green foliage covers the structure providing shade all summer.

Roses– There’s nothing more stunning than a climbing rose on a trellis or wall. Roses, though, need support. They don’t have tendrils or a way to attach themselves to a trellis. Try using VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps. They will not only support the stems, but will help keep the trunk straight.

Passion Flower– This tropical climber produces exotic flowers and edible fruits. It’s attaches to supports with tendrils and is best grown along a fence or trellis to enjoy the fragrant flowers. It’s only hardy in warm climates, so check varieties for best ones in your climate.

Climbing Hydrangea– Unlike other vines that need full sun, climbing hydrangea grows and flowers well in a part shade location making it a nice choice for a north facing wall or building. The stems won’t attach or twine around a wire or post by themselves, so need to be attached to the support with a VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps.



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