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Tired of the same old attendance roll-call? Get creative with how you keep track of your students’ attendance this year. Use our easy step-by-step guide below to create a fun, interactive attendance tracker race game display for your classroom.

Not only will it look great in your classroom but it can also serve as a lesson in responsibility. By nominating a student each day/week to keep track of attendance, students in charge will learn accountability for an important task. Bonus- you can reward the student(s) with the best attendance each month, making class more exciting and instill the importance of coming to class!

How to make an attendance tracker display

What you’ll need:

  1. VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Strips or HANGables ® Removable Wall Fasteners
  2. VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Circles
  3. VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Tape
  4. Month Labels (you can make your own, buy some, or here are some free ones we found)
  5. Printable numbers
  6. Name tags- turn these into a fun, creative activity and have your students make their own name tag!
  7. Scissors

What to do:

Before you start, find a clean section on one of your classroom walls (perhaps somewhere near the whiteboard where the whole class can see it).

  1. Using either the VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Strips or HANGables ® Removable Wall Fasteners, attach the label with the month to the wall.
    use hangables removable wall fastener strips or velcro brand removable mounting strips to attach month label to wall attach month label to wall
  2. Use the VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Circles to attach the dates under the month. You can either track the full month or display the number of school days only, excluding weekends. 
    use velcro brand removable mounting circles to attach numbers or dates to the wall add numbers or dates under the month label
  3. Once the month and days are set up, use the VELCRO® Brand Removable Mounting Tape to create student “lanes” underneath, spaced out evenly for each student. Attach the hook part of the tape to the wall. Make sure you make it longer than the length of the numbers to ensure you have enough space for a start and finish/ Star.
    use velcro brand removable mounting tape to start to add the student lanes add the lanes for each student under the month and dates
  4. Then, cut the loop side of the tape and attach it to each students’ name tagstick the tags to the “lanes.
    add labels for each student in each lane and attach to the lanes
  5. Voila! Your tracker is done and ready to use! Each day the student is present he/she gets to move their name forward.
    move each student's label forward for each day they are present students labels moved along under the month to represent their attendance

At the end of the month, the winner(s) gets a prize!

  students with best attendance get a star

Let us know if you have a go at this classroom display ideaCheck out our blog, Instagram and Pinterest feeds for even more inspiring ways to use VELCRO® Brand fasteners

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