How To Support Garden Plants

Properly supporting your plants is one of the keys to a healthy, thriving garden. Without the correct support, strong winds and rapid growth can cause them to topple over and the last thing you want is a broken stem.

Read on to find out how to support trees and plants in your garden, including what to use, when your plants need support and how often plant supports need to be adjusted.



Choosing the right plant ties is key to protecting your plants’ stems as they grow and we’d recommend using VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties.

They’re soft on stems and easy to adjust as your plants grow. Strong and weather-resistant, they come in a single roll that can be cut to size to suit your gardening needs. Watch the video below for Charlie’s Nardozzi‘s demonstration of how to use them.

For older trees, we’d recommend using the wider VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties. More convenient than wire or other types of garden ties, there’s no knotting or tying required, which makes them ideal for securing trees to stakes without damaging the stems.

VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties


It’s much better to support your plants sooner rather than later. Rapid growth can cause them to topple over if not properly supported so make sure you stake your plants when they’re relatively young and actively seeking support. And the beauty of using VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties is that you can adjust them as your plant grows.

VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties

Ready to start gardening? Grab a pack of VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties before you get started or stay on our blog for more gardening tips and ideas! 

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