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How to solve data center cable management with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Data comm is how companies store and protect intellectual property, communicate with customers, manage personal information, track inventory and conduct automation. In 2020, 63% of enterprises store more than 100TB of data. The digital era has put a lot of stock into data comm which means businesses and service centers cannot afford poor connections and downtime caused by inadequate data center cable management.

Common data center cable management issues

Data center cable management

Whether a business has a small server room or an entire floor of cabinets with multiple UPS’s, the success of data comm operation relies on clean data center cable management. These pathways need to comply with building codes as they run through walls and ceilings to connect the data center to the work space. With various cable systems running throughout a building such as security, audiovisual and control systems, it can also be difficult to identify data comm cables from others.

Plastic ties can put stress on cable jackets, limiting data flow and ultimately shortening the cable’s lifespan. While technology is evolving and bandwidths are increasing, infrastructure will likely need to be upgraded and replaced. Each time cable pathways and equipment need to be replaced and repositioned, plastic ties must be meticulously cut and thrown out, making the replacement process more difficult and riskier than it needs to be.

How the VELCRO® Brand Professional Series helps with data center cable management

Data center cable management

VELCRO® Brand Professional Series ONE-WRAP® Tape is a reusable and repositionable data center cable management solution for installers and contractors. This material is made to be easily removed and reused multiple times to maximize its life and reduce waste on the job. The hook and loop material is strong enough to hold large bundles but flexible to prevent damage to valuable cables and wires. This also helps cable installations align with many industry standards.

With many different cable types in a pathway, it can be difficult to differentiate which cables are which. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape’s various color options can help identify specific cables within a pathway or space. You can use green for phones, orange for data, red for electrical or create your own coding system.

Data center cable pathways often need to be fed through plenum space, requiring compliance with building and fire codes. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® FR Tape is the only hook and loop material that meets National Electric Code (NEC) standards (section 300.22, C and D). This eases the pressure of building codes and facilitates data cable management within plenum space.

VELCRO® Brand Professional Series Solutions for mounting data comm devices

Alternative fasteners for data comm devices

The digital era has helped the world become smaller and obtain information instantly. It has also expedited the evolution of digital technology within the data comm world.

When wall-mounted devices, such as control panels, digital displays or POS systems need to be upgraded to the latest technological advances and standards, VELCRO® Brand Professional Series adhesive-backed fasteners are repositionable, alternatives to traditional fastening methods. Nails and screws will inflict damage to walls and materials which are costly to replace. When changing wall-mounted devices, VELCRO® Brand Professional Series fasteners are replaceable, reduce damage and can hold up to 17 lbs.

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