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Correct Smart Service Loops with the VELCRO® Brand

Service loops are a common courtesy for contractors that need to move or extend cable pathways at a later time. In the event of renovations or if equipment needs to be relocated, a service loop is the hero to lengthen cable runs to for re-termination, and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is the sidekick.

How Service Loops Help During Initial Installations

During the process of construction, cable installers use service loops to leave excess cable while the drop ceiling is put in place. When the ceiling tiles are finished, and electronics are moved in, the loops are unraveled to complete the installation.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape helps facilitate the process of using service loops. Using two or three fasteners, the loops are fixed temporarily which means having to cut plastic ties would be tedious and risky, but VELCRO® Brand fasteners are easy to unfasten and re-fasten. Additionally, the flexible material won’t damage cable jackets when cinched down, which complies with many industry cable standards, including BICSI, ANSI/TIA and AVIXA.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is also available in a fire retardant version so it’s safe to use in plenum space where many cable installations are necessary.

Easing the process of Moves, Adds & Changes

Desks and workspaces don’t stay put forever, which is another reason why service loops are essential. Having the coiled slack available can simplify rerouting a cable pathway during an office move or renovation. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is a smart solution to ease the process of unfastening and refastening loops.

Even if you’re unraveling service loops over and over again, you can be assured your cable ties will hold because VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape can be cycled up to 2,000 times in its lifetime. You know these loops will need to be unfastened anyway, why not make the job easier with reusable cable ties?

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