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From Print to Face Shields – How Windles Pivoted

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, companies across the world have been pivoting business plans to serve their communities better. Introducing the MEDI-VISOR by the Windles Group. Powered by VELCRO® Brand Solutions, Windles Group known for its innovative printing, single-handedly changed course, and began producing face shields for healthcare professionals.

With over 30 years of experience in UV litho and the digital printing industry, Windles Group’s expertise goes beyond excellent finishing to genuinely innovative work. They excel at pushing the boundaries, so it was no surprise they rose to the occasion and created a single-shift face shield for local medical staff.

Medical Face Shields Need for A Comfortable Solution

Before the creation of the MEDI-VISOR, Windles Group conducted discussions with local medical staff and discovered their need for a comfortable solution. The personal protective equipment on the market left abrasions and wearing face shield visors for 12-hour shifts would lead to repositioning the visors within a non-sterile environment, potentially compromising medical personnel’s immunity. Healthcare workers desired a solution that not only felt pleasant but also could accommodate a variety of sizes.

MEDI-VISOR by Windles Group – A Disposable Face Shield Powered By VELCRO® Brand Solutions

MEDI-VISOR Face Shield

After eight days of prototyping, Ian Kear-Bertie, Windles Group’s product designer for the MEDI-VISOR created and engineered a comfortable, lightweight, and repositionable solution. A key piece of the puzzle was making a versatile medical face shield. By using VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners, the straps on the MEDI-VISOR could fit around different head sizes, hairstyles and even medical equipment. Thus, forming a secure fit for any person. Made from recycled polyethylene clear plastic, the MEDI-VISOR was designed to be as light as possible. Medical staff could wear the visors for their 12-hour shifts and forget it was even there.

“We are delighted to be working the Windles Group on the procurement of their MEDI-VISOR as part of our COVID – 19 response.  The MEDI-VISOR is a fantastic product which is being used by colleagues as part of comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment when caring for patients with COVID – 19. The design of the MEDI-VISOR is unique and comfortable to wear and sets itself apart from other visors on the market.”   

Professor Steve Hams
Director of Quality and Chief Nurse
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Perfect Fit

Though these face shields are disposable, Windles Group wanted to assure their clients that medical staff only needed to wear one face shield per shift – they wanted the visor to hold its longevity until they needed to be thrown out. The VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Closure System attaches to the face shield using rivets, while the loop-side is strategically placed towards the head for optimal comfort. This allows the straps to easily be repositioned or adjusted if needed.

The success of the MEDI-VISOR by Windles Group was astronomical – In the face of a crisis Windles Group was able to successfully pivot their businesses and our VELCRO® Brand Solutions provided them with the confidence of a secure closure.

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