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Ease cell phone signal booster installation with VELCRO® Brand products

Throughout the workday, contractors depend on cell phones, tablets and other devices for data and communication. With this dependency on digital tools, cell signal can become a challenge while on the road. Equipment such as a cell phone signal booster can improve fleet management and VELCRO® Brand fasteners can ease the process of installing and maintaining it.

Why cell signal boosters enable fleet management & telematics

Contractors will drive through a variety of rural and urban areas and regardless of where they are, they always need to be a phone call away. Effective fleet management requires cell signal so contractors can perform important tasks such as monitoring jobsites and assets, communicating with customers and colleagues, using GPS or calling for roadside assistance. Since life is full of unexcepted events, contractors need to be connected, no matter how far they are from a cell tower.

Fleet management

How to install and maintain a cell phone signal booster with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

A cell phone signal booster includes exterior and interior antennas, cables, a power supply and the booster. A contractor’s van already has plenty of tools and equipment that all need to be organized so the booster system needs to seem as if it’s not there. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties can help manage the cables by securing it to seats and other fixtures, in order to avoid tangled messes and tripping hazards.

VELCRO® Brand adhesive-backed fasteners are a smart solution to secure the interior antenna and booster to a seat or the dashboard, keeping the system out of the way. Loose items in a vehicle can become dangerous projectiles while driving, but this can be prevented if the equipment is secured with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Technology has been progressing quickly in the digital era and when equipment needs to be upgraded and replaced, VELCRO® Brand fasteners are ideal for installations like this. Instead of using plastic ties for the cables and screws or glue to mount the booster and interior antenna, VELCRO® Brand fasteners can simply be detached and reattached without tools, little effort and no damage to cables or surfaces. It’s much easier to justify the cost of hook and loop than it is to replace a cable or an entire signal booster.

If you’re using VELCRO® Brand products on your installations, why not use it for your vehicle fleet too?

Contractors already depend on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to create clean and professional installations for their customers. Why not have fleet vehicles look just as organized and pristine? Pick up a few extra packs of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable ties and adhesive-backed fasteners to keep your vehicles safe and neat.

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