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Stay Connected by Supporting Smart Building Technology with VELCRO® Brand Products

To save on costs and maximize efficiency, commercial building managers are expected to monitor and control everything from a single location. This becomes increasingly more important as industry experts project there will be more than 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2025.

Smart building technology connects all utilities in commercial spaces such as climate control, security, data comm and more. All of this technology requires plenty of support for new equipment and cables. Due to their flexibility and reusability, VELCRO® Brand products serve as ideal tools to support smart building systems.

Data Management Is Key in Smart Buildings

Smart building

Commercial buildings such as corporate offices, hotels, banks and universities require systems that control HVAC, communications, lighting, security and digital displays. This data flows to a control room which serves as the brain of the building. This is where data is collected, monitored and measured. With all of this information, building managers can easily control utilities, identify issues and address them quickly.

Power Over Ethernet Improves Smart Building Systems

Smart Building Technology

For decades, every system in a building operated with separate cables for power and data. In recent years, most systems have trended toward Power over Ethernet (PoE) which combines the data and power in a single cable. This is to power devices such as intercoms, network routers, security cameras, access controls, electronic displays and more.

How VELCRO® Brand Products Support Smart Building Cables & Devices

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While Power over Ethernet has helped to reduce the number of cables in a bundle, there are many cables required to connect every system. These cable lines are like the nervous system for a building so it’s important to manage them with care. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is a flexible cable bundling option that protects cables from over cinching as opposed to plastic ties. Since they can be unfastened and refastened easily, they simplify the process of moves, adds and changes. They include a fire retardant option for working in plenum space and help installations align with many industry standards such as BICSI and ANSI/TIA.

Smart building

New technology calls for new devices that must be deliberately mounted. Security cameras, digital signage, remotes and more can use VELCRO® Brand adhesive backed fasteners for secure fastening to wherever devices need to be placed. This allows equipment to be safely installed out of the way, but easy to remove and replace whenever needed, with little effort and no damage caused to materials.

Below is a diagram on how a security system is structured and how VELCRO® Brand products are applied:

  1. Cables are organized in each cabinet of a data center
  2. Devices can be mounted and cables kept clean in the control room
  3. Cable pathways bundled and managed
  4. Cables are clean and easy to identify in each control panel
  5. Pathways are organized in plenum space with fire retardant cable management
  6. Cables are organized in the office or on the manufacturing floor to reduce clutter and tripping hazards.

Whether installing climate control in a classroom, or a security system in a bank, building managers need their properties to be up to date on technology trends, keeping occupants happy. The cost and installation process for these systems can be simplified with VELCRO® Brand products, the choice of leading companies in the industry.

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