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How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically

Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables to grow, but not everyone feels like they have the room and space to plant them. For gardeners with limited space, growing cucumbers vertically is a brilliant solution. In this easy and comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to grow cucumbers vertically from seed to stem!

First Things First: What Are The Stages Of A Cucumber Plant?

To understand how to grow cucumbers, it’s important to know the stages of a cucumber plant. Typically, a cucumber can take anywhere from 50-70 days to harvest, and they follow these four stages:

  1. Seed Germination – This is when your cucumber seed starts to sprout a little and takes root.
  2. The Seedling Stage – In the seedling stage, you’ll see the first set of immature leaves on your cucumber plant.
  3. Flowers and Early Fruit Development – When flowers begin to bloom, this is where you’ll see your plant start to grow fruit!
  4. The Harvesting Stage – In the harvesting stage, it’s easy to question how long cucumbers take to grow, but once your cucumbers have grown for about 50 to 70 days, your veggies are ready to be picked!

It’s Time to Germinate!

Now that you understand the stages of a cucumber’s growth, there is no better time to dive into germinating.

How to grow cucumbers vertically - seedlings

How to Grow Cucumbers from Seeds

Temperature: What Is the Best Temperature to Germinate Cucumber Plants?

Temperature is key to growing the biggest and best cucumbers when planting cucumber seeds. To begin the germinating stage, these plants need at least 68ºF (20ºC). It’s usually best to grow your seeds inside to avoid unforeseen frost until they’ve reached the seedling stage or wait until late spring to plant outside.

Planting: How to Plant Cucumber Seeds and How Far Apart to Plant Cucumbers?

Wherever you decide to germinate, make sure your pot or plot has room to grow your fruit. Place two seeds about an inch (3cm) deep, and then water.

When growing your plants vertically, each cucumber plant spacing should be about 18 inches (45cm) apart. Once the seedlings appear, remove the weakest leaf. This will ensure proper spacing and allow your plants to grow nice and big.

Caring for Your Cucumber Plants

Watering: Don’t forget to water your plants once a week. Keep an eye on the weather and if the summer months have been particularly hot, you may want to water them every few days. The key is to keep the soil relatively moist. If the soil fluctuates with moisture, this will affect the taste and shape of your cucumbers.

If your cucumber plant leaves are turning yellow, that’s usually an indicator you’re overwatering your plants. Make sure to scale back your watering routine when this happens.

How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically

How to grow cucumbers vertically - trellis

Once your cucumbers have started to grow, it’s time to train your plants. You can’t go wrong with any vertical support you pick. There are so many to choose from, but we’ve listed a few to help you decide:

Tomato Cage – Though you’re not growing tomatoes, these cages are a great lightweight solution to prop up your plants. This is good for growing cucumbers in pots or other containers.

Trellis or A-Frame Trellis – A trellis is a great way to increase your plant’s sun exposure and create delicious cucumbers!

How to Support Cucumbers Vertically

How to grow cucumbers vertically garden ties

When training your cucumber plants to grow vertically, it’s very important to tie your plants loosely. If you tie them too tight, they can create wounds on your fruit.

VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties are a great solution for this issue. The ties help save space by keeping the plants contained and are a gentle way to support your cucumbers.

And that’s It! – You’re ready to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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