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Installing a roof membrane becomes quicker & easier with VELCRO® Brand Products

A leaky roof is a clear indication that a roof membrane needs to be repaired or replaced and it’s important to do this quickly and effectively to protect inventory and operations. This process is often arduous and complex for contractors, but there are innovative solutions that can transform installation. Discover how VELCRO® Brand products are a smart solution to simplify roof membrane installation so contractors can finish the job on time.

VELCRO® Brand Products Eliminate the Need for Flames & Adhesives

Many roof membranes are installed using thermoset materials which set after applying intense heat. Using a butane torch is common to install these materials, but this brings the risk of serious injury to the operator and damage to valuable building materials. This process also includes chemicals and gasses emitted that can easily be inhaled throughout the workday.

VELCRO® Brand products do not include any adhesives or chemicals that expose harmful toxins in the air or to the building. Instead of having to burn the materials, operators simply need to set the hooks down in strips on the building and roll the membrane on top, locking the hooks and loops together for a secure seal. This is a simpler process that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and tools that require more time and labor to install.

Adhesive Free Installation for a More Sustainable Building

Installing a flat roof membrane

A chemical free roof membrane installation also contributes to the sustainability of the architecture and even helps earn potential LEED green building rating points. Building managers will be motivated to implement more sustainable solutions such as this since local governments provide incentives for more features that reduce impacts on the environment.

Reduce the need for Tools and Install Roof Membranes All Year Long

Roof membrane repair

VELCRO® Brand fasteners don’t require tools to install, remove and reposition as opposed to attachments that involve hardware, adhesives and thermoset materials. Having to drill holes in a membrane can cause the system to be vulnerable to more leakage and if the material needs to be repositioned, it’s a costly and time-consuming process. When a roof membrane needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s much easier to dislodge hook and loop than it is to rip up traditional fasteners.

Most roofing projects must be completed during the summer months which means contractors can be overwhelmed with jobs during this specific time window. VELCRO® Brand products can be installed year round to add flexibility for contractors and customers working on a tight deadline.

Locally Sourced Products for Ease on Supply Chains

Locally Sourced Products

VELCRO® Brand High Technology or mushroom hooks are specifically designed to withstand the extreme weather and temperature fluctuation that roofs experience.

We know that the cost of materials is rising as demand is exceeding supply. Our products are locally sourced, and we have manufacturing facilities and sales offices located worldwide to help reduce delays in supply chains. We have hundreds of products in stock and ready to ship. Speak to one of our representatives to learn how we can deliver a dependable roof membrane attachment and keep your business running smoothly during challenging times.

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