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Wire Harness Manufacturers can Ensure Electrical System Integrity with this Bundling Solution

Vehicle production has seen its peaks and valleys over the last couple of years as consumer demand and supply chains have had their influences. With rising costs of goods, material shortages and shipping delays, manufacturers need to find new solutions to reduce costs and improve lead times for their customers. Here is how VELCRO® Brand products can help wire harness manufacturers and installers adapt to these ongoing challenges.

Wire Harness Manufacturers can help customers maximize reusability and reduce scrap

Bundling solutions for wire harness manufacturers

When wire harnesses arrive at the assembly line, they are often packaged with plastic ties. These single use ties need to be cut and thrown out, piling up a large volume of plastic that must be thrown away.

Hook and loop material is easy to unfasten and re-fasten so they can be used hundreds of times, translating into savings on hundreds of snipped plastic ties. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is a higher cost than most plastic ties, but over the long term of reusing one hook & loop tie, there are savings to be had. At the high rate of automobile production on the assembly line, the VELCRO® Brand ties will be reused many times over, saving on long term costs compared to single use ties with the benefit of an easy-to-use bundling solution.

Eliminate the Use of Sharp Tools to Prevent Damage to Valuable Materials

Prevent Damage to automotive electrical systems

When wire harnesses are unpackaged, plastic ties need to be cut with sharp tools, creating the possibility of damaging an expensive wire harness. The electrical system is among the highest warranty items in a vehicle, so the cost of damaging a wire harness before installation is much higher.

Further damage can be prevented with the aid of VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ sleeves. This solution completely bundles the wire harness to keep connector heads from snagging and breaking during installation. Sliding in a cleanly bundled wire harness reduces labor and improves installation time.

The flexible material of VELCRO® Brand fasteners minimizes strain on wires and requires no tools to unfasten which eliminates the risk of damaging a part that could remove an entire car from the assembly line. No sharp tools also reduces risk of injury to assembly line workers, eliminating downtime and medical costs.

VELCRO® Brand fastening options for wire harness protection and as an assembly aid

Transportation aids for wire harnesses

VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE, QWIK-TIE & ONE-WRAP® Tape can bundle wire harnesses for transportation to the assembly plant. Due to their flexible material, ease of use and reusability, these self-engaging fasteners improve long term costs and overall handling for wire harness suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. These products can be custom cut to align with wire harnesses of all shapes and sizes.

While shipping delays and supply chain and labor shortages persist, it’s important to keep operations running smoothly, on time and at the right price. Velcro Companies can help support these challenges with locally sourced products in stock and ready to ship. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your business on track.

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