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Eliminate Wire Harness Assembly Complications with VELCRO® Brand Products

Over the years, the electrical systems in vehicles have become more complex as manufacturers add new features that align with consumer demand. This means wire harness assembly becomes more complex too as electrical systems are required to support more functionality such as seat warmers, back- up cameras, and digital dashboards. As the value and complexity of the harness itself evolves so must the methods that are used to transport and install it.

Reusable Wire Harness Assembly Aids Reduce Scrap

Wire Harness Assembly Transportation Aid

Plastic ties are a simple and affordable solution that is often used by suppliers to package wire harnesses. However, every time the harness is unpackaged on the assembly line, they ties must be cut and thrown out. With hundreds of vehicles assembled a day, this will accumulate into a large pile of cut ties that can never be used again.

VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ sleeves and QWIK-TIE™ & ONE-WRAP® Straps can bundle wire harnesses for transportation to the assembly plant. They are soft and flexible to align with the wire harness and durable to hold it together and protect it during transportation. When the manufacturer is finished using it, the closure can be returned to the supplier and reused.

When choosing a new vehicle, consumers often consider the environmental impact it has. Make sure your assembly process keeps the environment in mind as well.

Provide Proper Protection to Important Electrical Parts as Vehicle Designs Evolve

Wire Harness Assembly Transportation Aid

Designers are re-thinking how to develop vehicles with new technology with less reliance on fossil fuels. Electric vehicles require the installation of larger, higher cost wire harness assemblies. VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ sleeves are well suited to protect these high value harnesses as they are packaged and shipped by suppliers to the manufacturing floor. Additionally, they can be used in the installation process to feed the harness through the vehicle, holding it together and preventing parts from snagging and becoming damaged.

Since they can be removed by hand, they do not require the use of sharp tools that would be used for removing plastic ties, potentially damaging high value wire harness assemblies. Don’t risk damaging an expensive part by using a low-cost plastic tie; protect it with a soft and durable hook & loop fastening solution.

VELCRO® Brand fastening solutions for wire harness protection and as an assembly aid

Wire Harness Transportation Aid

As designs adapt to consumer demand for vehicles that are more dependent on electrical systems, it’s important to evolve how the vehicle is assembled. Velcro Companies can help support these challenges with locally sourced products in stock and ready to ship. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your business on track.

Wire harness assembly

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