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Here is How VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Optimize Surgical Technology & Spaces

Millions of surgeries are performed every year and each one of them requires a sterile and organized operating room with devices that can be relied on in crucial situations. To maximize device performance, positioning and organization in the operating room, VELCRO® Brand fasteners can support patients and doctors in a variety of ways.

Cable & Tube Positioning & Organization

Cable & Tube Positioning & Organization for surgery

While in surgery, doctors and nurses need to manage tubes and cables that connect to vital surgical technology such as cauterizers, scopes and IV lines. They need to be secured to the medical drape over the patient to allow easy access for the doctor. While operating, the doctor needs to remain focused on the patient and without concern for kinks in the tubing or restriction of movement.

As opposed to traditional medical tape, VELCRO® Brand fasteners are simple to apply and adjust. The soft hook & loop is also flexible and easy on the cables so over cinching is not a risk. When the operation is done, the drape is fully disposable and can be removed and thrown out without any pieces falling out onto the floor or the patient.

Organizing tubes and cables with VELCRO® Brand fasteners creates a well-organized environment, free from tripping hazards, so the doctor can stay focused on the patient.

Supporting Cuffs, Sleeves, Positioning Straps and other Surgical Technology & Devices

For decades, VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been synonymous with cuffs and wraps in the medical industry. Many operating rooms rely on finger wraps and blood pressure cuffs to monitor and support patient vitals during operation.

To help doctors get the most accurate readings, this surgical technology needs to be fitting correctly and securely. Hook & loop fasteners are soft to the touch to prevent irritation on the patient’s skin. These same fasteners also provide adjustable and secure fittings, conforming to any patient’s body type, so doctors can get the best readings possible throughout surgery, recovery, and every point of the patient’s care.

Additionally, deep vein thrombosis sleeves are vital to support healthy blood flow during surgery. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are important fastening components to secure these sleeves to various patient sizes and body types so they can keep blood flowing properly while maintaining comfort for the patient.

Supporting Surgical Technology Positioning

Security & organization for medical robotics arms

In certain circumstances, doctors depend on robotic arms to position patients and perform functions. For maintenance and storage purposes, these arms need to be supported and positioned with reliable fasteners. VELCRO® Brand straps can deliver on this with reusable and adjustable solutions that can hold robotic arm cords and protective sleeves in place, maintaining the surgical environment. Without mechanical parts to break down, the straps can be depended on for long-term use.

Global, Customizable Solutions for Medical Professionals

Hook & Loop fasteners for medical professionals

Medical device manufacturers need to get the most out of their designs so that doctors can successfully perform their crucial procedures in the operating room. That is why many medical professionals choose VELCRO® Brand fasteners to optimize their products. Whether it’s a standard product or something completely customized, our medical team has the expertise to build a solution that fits your specifications.

Wire harness assembly

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