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Optimize High Temperature Insulation Materials with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

When you turn on the heat in your home, hot water or air is propelled throughout your building and it’s all contained in specialized piping to prevent damage and overheating. Now consider industrial spaces such as oil rigs, engine rooms and manufacturing plants. They greatly depend on high temperature insulation materials to protect hundreds of feet of piping with super-heated fluids, steam or chemicals. To help support the materials that insulate these pipes, VELCRO® Brand fasteners include a family of products specifically designed for high temperature environments.

High Temperature Insulation Materials Serve a Vital Purpose for A Variety of Industries


Facilities such as power plants, chemical plants, metalworking and oil & gas require piping to carry steam, chemicals, and other high temperature and hazardous substances. Walking through these facilities, it’s clear to see how many of these pipes run through them like arteries.

With so many pipes pumping fluids at extreme temperatures, it’s important to invest in the right materials to keep the contents inside them at a stable temperature while they travel from point A to B.

Installing insulation is not always straightforward. Traditional hardware such as screws and nails open holes that are difficult to align and vulnerable to leaks, rust or corrosion. Additionally, when maintenance needs to upgrade, replace, or troubleshoot issues, rigid fasteners are laborious to remove and can cause damage to valuable pipes.

Hook & Loop Fasteners for High Temperature Insulation Materials Solve Pain Points & Protect Workers

Hi Temp Insulation for Industrial Facilities

Security is another major factor when installing piping insulation. The material needs to be simple to install, but without the risk of it falling off during operation. Insulation installed securely will stabilize the temperature of rooms and protect workers from leaks.

The VELCRO® Brand range of high temperature closures are made from materials specifically designed for thermal insulation materials. This includes options that are fire retardant, resistant to chemicals and solvents and electrical. Whether you are working with lower temperatures around 180° C (356° F) or as extreme as 800° C (1,472° F), there is a VELCRO® Brand fastener that can handle the heat.

You can depend on these fasteners to create a secure seal around piping, but they are also simple to open and close when maintenance is required to move and replace insulation. With no tools required, there is no risk of damage or injury to workers.

Don’t risk downtime and worker’s compensation because of weak temperature insulation. Make sure it is secured with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

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