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Here is how to safely secure Medical Wearable Devices that deliver critical information

When doctors and healthcare professionals administer vital monitoring equipment to their patients, they need to know their device will remain in place without discomfort to the patient. Cardiovascular diseases account for 17.9 million deaths and neurological diseases include over one million deaths annually in the United States. These kinds of conditions require 24/7 monitoring and medical device manufacturers can rely on the VELCRO® Brand closures to safely secure garments and devices that deliver critical information in real time.

Remote Sensing Medical Wearable Devices

Medical Wearable Devices for Telehealth

The tech industry has greatly evolved heart monitoring equipment. Remote monitoring has become more commonplace to keep tabs on patients and their conditions whether they are in the hospital and down the hall from a doctor or at home and across town.

These devices require bands and cuffs that can be accurately positioned on a patient’s body while taking precise measurements. Precision is key for obtaining optimal readings at all hours and a comfortable solution is important for patient compliance.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners provide the precision positioning and comfort that patients and doctors depend on. They are intuitive to use, easy to fasten and adjust and durable to stay secure throughout the day.

Continuous Care Medical Wearable Devices

Continuous Care Medical Wearable Devices

Technological advances have provided the healthcare industry with continuous care devices as well. From the ambulance to the hospital room to final release to go home, doctors need to have visibility on drug dose changes, cardiac studies, or trends in data of a patient, foretelling a future event that could be missed by a nurse checking vitals every four hours.

All of these game-changing devices for the medical industry need to be properly positioned to get the most out of any device’s readings. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be relied on to safely attach a monitoring device or transmitter to a patient with comfort. For these devices to be reliable, the device must remain securely in place and VELCRO® Brand fasteners provide solutions to keep them secure for crucial readings while providing comfort for the patient.

Custom Solutions & an Experienced Medical Team to Deliver Your Products into the Future

Our VELCRO® Brand Medical Solutions team has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges medical device manufacturers face. Your requirements are unique, and we can work with you to develop a fully customized solution tailored to your specifications. Our fabrication capabilities will streamline your processes and fill gaps in your supply chain. Learn how you can unlock your ORIGINAL THINKING® with our wealth of fastening technologies.

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