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This Closure adds Sustainable Packaging Materials for Manufacturers

The flexible packaging industry is constantly having to do more with less. Designers commonly need to reduce weight using fewer materials, but without compromising on the consumer experience. Additionally, consumers and local regulations are calling for brands to select packaging made from recyclable materials to help prevent waste from entering landfills. This may be challenging, but VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures can help develop recyclable solutions using sustainable packaging materials.

How to Reduce Packaging Weight with Mono-material Designs

Sustainable Packaging Materials for Manufacturers

Many industry trends in packaging designs are encouraged by local government regulation in an effort to support the environment. In the United Kingdom, taxes are expected to be implemented that will be based on the weight of packaging and provide incentives to use recyclable materials. A common solution to the reduction of weight and recyclability is to manufacture packaging with a mono layer, polyethylene-based material instead of a polyester and polyethylene laminate.

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures are made solely from polyethylene materials to give manufacturers the ability to produce a fully recyclable, mono-material packaging option. This helps brands align with the initiative to reduce overall product weight and improve the recyclability of the materials when consumers need to discard the empty package.

Sustainable Packaging Materials That Can Be Reused Numerous Times

Sustainable Packaging Materials with Consumer Experience

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures provide consumers the opportunity to better reuse their packaging at home. The hook-to-hook fasteners do not include mechanical parts that can wear down and break, causing the entire package to become useless. Since the closure can be reused for thousands of cycles, consumers can have the opportunity to use the package for more than one purpose.

When a bag of dry dog food is empty, it can be used again for storing another supply of pet food or household objects. Each time it is reused, this prevents packaging from entering the waste stream and that will add up very quickly over time.

Contribute to a Circular Economy and Help Brands Stand Out

Sustainable Packaging Materials to Delight Consumers

Studies have shown 88% of consumers want brands to make a difference in the world other than sell products. This means if your customers prioritize reducing waste to help support the environment, then they will prefer brands that align with their values. Brands that choose mono-material designs that can be reused and recycled will differentiate themselves on the store shelves and develop a healthy relationship with their customers.

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures can help packaging designers better align with reusable and recyclable demands while delighting customers and adapting to the ever-changing future of packaging. Contact us to learn how we can work with you to develop a custom closure solution that supports your supply chain and offers an innovative, recyclable packaging solution.

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