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How to Improve Low-Voltage Cabling for Vital Institutions

In today’s digital era, businesses have transitioned to digital mediums. Vast amounts of valuable information are stored on servers instead of in traditional file cabinets.

This trend includes vital institutions like medical, educational and correctional facilities. They all rely heavily on stable connections supported by efficient cable management. As technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial for cable installation professionals to keep pace and upgrade their cable management techniques.

Identify Critical Areas for Cable Management

Diagram of cable management in data comm system

While cable ties can be utilized in various spaces, it is essential to prioritize the following areas in professional cable installations:

  1. Secure and organize cable bundles to optimize airflow, keeping data center equipment cool. Easily identify pathways and create a clean look through the use of color-coded fasteners.
  2. Coordinate spaces and simplify the process of moves, adds and changes.
  3. Utilize soft materials that prevent over-tightening, minimizing cable damage and ensuring smooth data flow.
  4. Fire retardant solutions for use in plenum space according to NEC standards.
  5. Cables can be organized in work stations.

Discover the Benefits of VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Your Cabling Infrastructure

Low-voltage cable management in a data center

Tackling messy data center cabling can be a daunting task, but not when you have the right tools. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Cable Ties offer an optimal solution to secure cables in data centers, pathways, and around desks. These ties are easy to open and close without using sharp tools. This reduces labor time and minimizes scrap that could be caused by single-use ties.

Many cable installations must comply with specific low-voltage cable installation standards, such as BICSI and AVIXA. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape helps installations meet many of these standards. The soft material aligns with numerous recommendations, preventing over-tightening and crushing of cables. This saves time and eliminates the need for redoing installations if they are not certified.

To connect the office to a data center, cable runs almost always need to be installed in air handling spaces. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fire retardant tape will secure cables while aligning with NEC and UL standards.

IT managers and installers no longer need to waste valuable time guessing which cables terminate where. With VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape featuring BradyGrip™ Print-on Hook Material, cable installations become straightforward. Simply print a label, attach it to the cable, and reposition as needed to provide clear cable identification.

Importance of technology in medical settings

Technology & cable management in hospitals

Hospitals and doctor’s offices heavily rely on technology to store patient information and monitor vital signs. This includes monitoring devices, surgical equipment, and other critical systems such as x-ray machines and IT infrastructure. These systems depend on cable management solutions that help organize cables in hospital rooms and prevent tripping hazards. Hook and loop cable ties can build effective medical cable management to ensure smooth operations for doctors and patients alike.

Technology for Correctional Facilities

Technology & cable management in correctional facilities

Intelligence and security play a pivotal role in managing surveillance and securing doors and spaces within correctional facilities. Data centers store vast volumes of information and support critical operations such as security cameras, alarm systems and door locks. Proper cable management is essential to maintain clean office spaces, equipment closets and data centers. Correctional facilities cannot afford downtime caused by malfunctions within these vital security systems.

Supporting A Digital Experience for Education

Technology & cable management for schools

Education is rapidly transitioning into the digital realm. To deliver effective lectures, educators require reliable support systems such as cameras, projectors, and digital screens. Moreover, students heavily rely on strong internet connections to communicate and store their work and projects on cloud-based systems.

Robust cable management ties need to support professional audio-visual (AV) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). With clean connections and cable runs, these essential components can easily power educational spaces. Properly connecting and organizing equipment is crucial for internet connections, pro AV systems, and security systems on campuses of all sizes.

Don’t risk downtime on vital data systems. Protect these operations with easy to use, industry compliant cable ties. 

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