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Secure Aircraft Seat Materials with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Aerospace manufacturers are always working to create solutions that maximize interior space with compact seating designs. Engineers need to reduce material costs and align with the demands of the aerospace industry. Airplane seat attachments can be secured with fire retardant VELCRO® Brand fasteners, certified to FAR25.853. These thin, light weight fasteners help develop spacing saving cross section areas for optimal seat designs.

Dependable & Fire-Retardant Hook & Loop Fasteners Certified to FAR 25.853

How to secure aircraft seat materials

All materials that go into building aircraft interiors need to meet strict aerospace requirements. Materials need to comply with FAR 25.853 to ensure they will extinguish quickly when exposed to flames. Suppliers must treat their products and test to verify they can resist and extinguish when exposed to flames.

VELCRO® Brand textile transportation solutions can be integrated into aircraft seating designs because they are certified to meet FAR 25.853, a vertical burn test requiring materials to self-extinguish within 12 seconds. The textile hook and loop material and adhesives are tested according to FAR 25.853. This means manufacturers can create fully compliant seating designs with the benefit of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop closures.

Ease Airplane Seat Attachment Installation and Enable Sanitation Processes

Aircraft Seating Sanitation & Installation

As air traffic recovers post-pandemic, airlines will need to answer the need with new aircraft and upgraded interiors.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners can help greatly simplify the installation process of airplane seat attachments. Without the need for tools, there is little risk of damage to materials and injury to workers. This greatly reduces turnaround time for airlines.

Proper sanitation of aircraft interiors has been at the top of air passengers’ minds since 2020. Some cleaning processes need to remove seats to maintain a clean and professional setting for aircraft. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are washable and can be quickly removed to turn over an airplane and keep passengers on schedule.

Aircraft interiors are constantly evolving to provide an ideal in-flight experience for passengers. Over the years, VELCRO® Brand fasteners have aligned to new challenges facing the aerospace industry. Learn how we can work with you to develop the future of aircraft interiors.

Design Slimmer Aircraft Seating with Fire Retardant Hook and Loop Fasteners

Aircraft Seating Attachment

Aerospace manufacturers need solutions that can accommodate for more passengers while optimizing energy consumption. Reducing materials and overall seating size and bulk helps airlines accommodate for more passengers while supporting aircraft fuel efficiency. This means seating manufacturers need to carefully select materials that can both create slimmer seating and reduce weight.

Local Manufacturing to Streamline Operations and Improve Lead Times

Velcro Companies global manufacturing

Velcro Companies manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region help support supply chains worldwide. Velcro Companies has complete control over manufacturing to streamline operations and support punctual lead times for aerospace manufacturers.

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