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Creative Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids with Free Printables!

It’s that time of the year when the air is filled with the warm aroma of pumpkin spice and the anticipation of Thanksgiving. As the holiday season approaches, what better way to celebrate than by engaging in some delightful and interactive crafts with your kids? In this blog post, we’ll explore three charming Thanksgiving crafts that not only capture the essence of the season but also bring a touch of creativity to your family festivities. The best part? We’ve included free printables to make the crafting experience even more enjoyable!

Craft 1: Paper Bag Turkey Costume

Let’s kick off the festivities with a paper bag turkey costume that will have your little ones gobbling with joy. Here’s what you’ll need:



1. Cut the Paper Bag to Fit a Kid

Start by trimming a grocery store paper bag. Cut three slits into the bag – one for the head and two for the arm holes. Make sure the paper bag fits around your kid comfortably.

Once you have the sizing down pat, print and cut out our free turkey face printable to enhance the turkey’s face.

2. Create the Headpiece

Once the body of the turkey is created, now it’s time to create the feathers (aka the headpiece). Cut a band of construction paper to encircle your child’s head comfortably. Then cut feathers out of construction paper and attach them to the band.

Once the headpiece is fully decorated, secure it with a VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dot.

3. Decorate the Paper Bag

Now’s time for the fun part! Attach the turkey’s face – eyes, beak, and a snood directly to the grocery bag using VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dots. You can even attach and detach different turkey faces with ease!

Feel free to get creative and print out even more face options from our free downloadable!

With this cute costume, you’ll turn your Thanksgiving celebrations into a playful and memorable experience! Now, are you ready for the next one?

Craft 2: Goodie Paper Bag Turkeys

Next up, let’s add a touch of sweetness with goodie paper bag turkeys – perfect for sharing gratitude with friends and family.



1. Grab Your Template

First things first, let’s kick off this creative party by downloading our free printable template.

Once you’ve got it, channel your inner artist and cut out those adorable turkey shapes from the template.

2. Deck Out the Bag

Now comes the fun part where your creativity gets the green light! Grab those turkey shapes and slap them onto the lunch bag using the trusty VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dots. Stick ’em on and let the personality of your turkey shine.

But hold up, we’re not stopping there. Give your turkey bag a personal touch—shorten the top, round it off, fold and voila! You’ve just created an adorable turkey beak that’ll make your bag stand out from the flock.

3. Secure the Goodies

Time to load up that bag with all the goodies it can handle. Candy, treats, little surprises—go wild! And to seal the deal and keep the excitement in check, use a VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dot. It’s the secret sauce for a delightful and hassle-free closure.

4. Share the Love

Now, let’s talk about spreading that warm, fuzzy joy. Imagine the delight on someone’s face when you hand them a creatively decorated goodie bag as a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift. It’s like handing out happiness!

Craft 3: Thankful Paper Chain

Now, let’s infuse a sense of gratitude into your Thanksgiving decor with the thankful paper chain.



1. Download our Thankful Template

First things first, hop onto our website and snag our thankful template—it’s like the secret sauce to your gratitude-infused decor. Trust me; it’s worth the click.

Print it out, and there you have it, the first loop of your thankful paper chain ready to soak in all the thankfulness.

2. Write Thankful Messages

Now comes the heart of the craft. Take each strip and fill in those blanks with things that light up your heart with gratitude. It’s like a little love note to the good stuff in your life.

Family, friends, that perfect cup of coffee—whatever it is, let those thankful vibes flow as you bring your chain to life.

3. Create the Chain

Time to put those VELCRO® Sticky Back Dots to work! Connect each strip and watch the chain grow. It’s like building a bridge of thankfulness, one piece at a time.

Feel the satisfaction as each strip clicks into place, creating a chain that’s not just decor but a tangible reminder of all the good stuff surrounding you.

So there you have it—a thankful paper chain that’s not just a craft but a cozy journey of gratitude. Ready to turn your space into a haven of thanks? Let’s get those creative vibes flowing!

These Thanksgiving crafts using VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Dots are sure to add a touch of joy and creativity to your celebrations. With free printables available, the crafting becomes even more enjoyable. So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and embark on a crafting journey with your kids this Thanksgiving. Happy crafting!

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