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4 Reasons Why Installers Need Cable Tie Mounts to Make Industry Compliant, Cable Artwork

Cable installers depend on a versatile toolbelt while working on systems in commercial spaces. Choosing the right tools for the job greatly impacts the success of an installation.

Including cable tie mounts can greatly help create clean projects that align with industry standards and delight customers. Learn about how tie mounts can help convert ordinary installations into works of art.

Reasons to use cable ties mounts

  1. Better Identify Proper Cable Tie Spacing
  2. Create an Easy Installation for Future Adds, Moves & Changes
  3. Make a Good Impression on the Customer with a Clean, Installation
  4. Align with Industry Standards

What are Cable Tie Mounts?

Speedwrap Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts are fixtures that attach to vertical or horizontal surfaces. They are typically screwed or adhered and serve as anchor points throughout cable pathways and spaces.

There are numerous reasons why a professional cable installer would need cable mounts, but here are the top four.

1. Better Identify Proper Cable Tie Spacing

Professional Installing Cables

Cable pathways in commercial spaces can run hundreds of feet as they snake from a data center to an equipment closet or from manufacturing to office spaces. Industry standards such as ANSI/TIA-568.0-D dictate the spacing of cable ties throughout an installation. When installing hundreds of feet of cabling, losing track of proper spacing can be easy.

When using screw-down or adhesive cable tie mounts, installers measure their cable tie spacing in advance and place them accordingly. This serves as an easy guide to stay on track when installing and bundling cable pathways. Instead of pulling out the measuring tape or estimating distancing, simply look for the next cable tie mount.

2. Create an Easy Installation for Future Adds, Moves & Changes


Technology goes hand in hand with business, but it frequently requires upgrades and changes. When this happens, cables need to be updated to handle new volumes of data flow and techs can’t afford to get lost in a mess of cables. With tie mounts, cable pathways will stay fixed, creating a clear visual for IT specialists to identify misplaced cables quickly.

Mounting cables to walls, floors and ceilings will also eliminate tripping hazards. In the case of data centers, neatly bundled cables improve airflow in data cabinets, keeping equipment cool and well-conditioned.

3. Make a Good Impression on the Customer with a Clean, Installation

Organized Cabinet in a Data Center

Taking pride in your work is something everyone strives for. With the right tools, seasoned cable installers make artwork from large cable installations in data centers, cable trays, offices and more. Tie mounts are an essential tool in the belt of an installer to keep cables straight, even, and properly curved. Make a great impression on your customers with clean installations.

4. Align with Industry Standards

Professional Installer on Construction Site

Installers always need to be aware of various industry standards in their jobs. AVIXA, ANSI-TIA and BISCI are a few widely applied standards for low voltage installations. They dictate how to properly space ties and curve cables while recommending specific products to optimize data flow through cables.

Many of these standards recommend using hook and loop cable ties to avoid damage to cables frequently caused by over tightening. No one wants to re-do an installation due to an industry-standard violation.

SPEEDWRAP® Cable Tie Mounts from Speedtech attach to VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® hook and loop cable ties, helping to create an installation that aligns with industry standards.

Where are Cable Tie Mounts Used?

Cable Tie Mount holding cable bundle

Anywhere cables need to be is where you’ll find cable tie mounts. They can be attached inside cabinets within data centers, on ceilings in plenum spaces, and in offices under desks, on walls or floors. Don’t let valuable cables lay on the floor; pick them up with cable tie mounts.

Whether you are working in a professional data center or simply cleaning up cables around a desk to prevent tripping hazards, depend the winning combination of on VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® ties and SPEEDWRAP® Cable Tie Mounts from Speedtech International, Inc.

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