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Do You Need a Manufacturing Partner? Consider These Factors

Manufacturing companies do not have it easy. Recessions, natural disasters, labor strikes and many other unforeseen factors can greatly impact the course of business operations. When economic turbulence inevitably occurs, businesses need to be nimble, but if you have enormous overhead and staff, making changes on the fly can be daunting.

If you are considering a manufacturing partner as a lifeline for your business, check out the information below.

What are the Various Kinds of Partnerships?

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Full scale manufacturing. This is an all-encompassing partnership that takes care of everything from procurement to distribution to retail shelves. This is a great option for businesses such as startups that need capital to invest in R&D and marketing. The customer may be more involved or give full control to the manufacturer.

Single component manufacturing. Do you need help with a few specific components? Manufacturing certain components may require specific certifications or a large facility that your business simply can’t spare. Sing component manufacturing can greatly streamline your supply chains so you can deliver products quicker.

Labor and Service Manufacturing. In this scenario, you have all the materials you need to build your product, but you don’t have a skilled labor force. Labor and service manufacturing can fill this gap with workers that are ready to convert your materials into finished goods.

What are the advantages of a manufacturing partner?

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Reduced overhead & increased capital. Businesses that are trying to scale may not have the cash flow to fully invest in a manufacturing facility or workforce. A manufacturing partner frees up capital that the company can invest into designing, marketing and selling its products while the manufacturer takes care of the rest.

Optimized time to market. When consumer demands suddenly skyrockets, businesses need to adapt. A manufacturing partner can fill gaps in supply chains to help companies quickly bring their ideas to the shelf when consumers need them most.

Optimized labor force. In the last few years, many businesses have been challenged by labor shortages. When these moments strike, supply chains can break down and products cannot reach shelves on time. A manufacturing partner will provide a skilled labor force to keep your operations running on time.

This can also be particularly helpful for seasonal or erratic demand. When demand suddenly spikes during short time periods, using a manufacturing partner is easier than hiring temporary labor or having facilities and machinery sit idle for most of the year.

How Velcro Companies Value Added Manufacturing can help

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Regional Manufacturing. Velcro Companies has a global footprint with manufacturing facilities on nearly every major continent. As supply chains become strained by demand, businesses can depend on local support and shorter lead times.

Distribution Network. Our global network of distributors takes regional support a step further for supply chains. Our distributors are located worldwide and each include various skillsets, labor and industry knowledge to help deliver your products to the marketplace.

Converting. Our teams are able to convert raw materials for your business so you can streamline operations and get your products to your customers sooner.

Value Added Fabrication. Do you need someone to fully manufacture your products? We offer more than just hook and loop fasteners. Some of our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to build a complete product. Our engineering and operations teams are prepared to produce the materials, identify custom solutions and produce finished goods.

Industry certifications. Velcro Companies’ global manufacturing facilities are certified for various industry and environmental standards such as ISO, IATF and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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