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This Strap Prevents Tick Bites Using VELCRO® Brand Products

Outdoors people know the risk of tick bites, but the ways to prevent them can be debated. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), approximately 476,000 people are affected by Lyme disease every year. While outdoor enthusiasts enjoy parks and mountains, they are frequently vulnerable to tick bites that transmit the disease.

Inspiration to Create A New Method of Preventing Tick Bites

Mainejane’s Tacklers™ prevent tick bites with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

Jane Gower, a retired nurse of Dresden, ME, USA was determined to find a new method to help prevent tick bites. She created Mainejane’s Tacklers™, wearable straps worn on the ankle that trap ticks on a sticky surface, preventing bites to the wearer. 

Assembled in Maine with only USA-made materials, the Tacklers required a locally-produced, and easy to use fastener. This fastener also needed to withstand outdoor conditions while attached to the legs or ankles of adults and children.

Initially, Jane could not find a dependable fastening solution to remain attached to the wearer. As a long-time crafter, Jane had relied on VELCRO® Brand straps for her home projects. Knowing the capability of this hook and loop fastening technology, she decided to use this solution in her products.

VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners Secure a Wearable Strap that Traps Ticks 

Mainejane’s Tacklers™ prevent tick bites with VELCRO® Brand fasteners

To identify the right VELCRO® Brand fastening solution, Jane was referred to Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation, a USA-based, authorized distributor and converter of VELCRO® Brand products. Gleicher converted rolls of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape to accommodate users of all body types. Gleicher delivered the self-engaging fasteners in an efficient, manufacturing-friendly manner to enhance Jane’s production line.

The VELCRO® Brand fasteners are easy to apply and remain in place while walking through puddles, grassy areas or any other obstacles. Wearers can enjoy the outdoors without risk of tick-borne diseases.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners can help entrepreneurs and designers build their next game-changing idea goals. With a national network of distributors and regional manufacturing and support, our fastening technology can be converted and aligned with custom specifications and industry standards.

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