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Did you know solar panels can be attached to commercial roofs with VELCRO® Brand products?

Bans on foreign oil, shipping complications and the control of supply by certain nations can all cause the price of oil and gas to become unpredictable. As businesses consider energy sources, they need to become less dependent on volatile oil prices while reducing carbon footprint.

Solar energy is a great alternative, but panels must be properly installed and maintained to harness the most energy. For commercial facilities that include hundreds of square feet, there is a better way for contractors to reduce weight, improve installation time and reduce or eliminate damage to materials. For years, companies have depended on VELCRO® Brand products as a reliable solution to securing solar panels.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Align With Lightweight & Flexible Solar Panel Designs

Not all mounting surfaces are even and smooth. As solar power becomes more accessible, panels will need to attach to curved roofs, walls, vehicles and off grid structures.

CreaWatt Group is working to evolve solar power installations with innovative, lightweight and flexible solar panels. They chose VELCRO® Brand closures as a versatile and reliable fastening solution to secure their solar panels on a variety of industrial and commercial flat roofs. Their lightweight characteristic allows installation without any load-bearing reinforcements, significantly increasing the number of roofs that can accommodate their solution.

Watch how our VELCRO® Brand fastening technology helps CreaWatt Group recreate solar panel designs.

How to Install Solar Panels on a Roof While Reducing Weight, Labor & Cost of Repairs with VELCRO® Brand Products

Install solar panels on a roof with VELCRO® Brand Products

Many commercial buildings need to align with new renewable energy regulations and incentives from local governments. Installing solar panels requires plenty of consideration. They need to be precisely positioned and mounted to capture sunshine at all hours of the day, from multiple angles.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners will not break down over time in outdoor conditions and reduce the need for mechanical parts that add weight and require tools or additional installation time. Without the need to drill holes, there is little to no risk for leakage or corrosion in the solar panel or roof. This also trims down on costs incurred from the risk of worker injury and damaged materials.

For commercial roofs, VELCRO® Brand fasteners create a secure closure that is easy to reposition and remove during maintenance and upgrades to a solar panel system. As quickly as solar energy infrastructure is evolving, updates could happen sooner than expected.

Watch how General Membrane uses VELCRO® Brand fasteners to install solar panels on a roof.

Locally Sourced Products for Ease on Supply Chains

The cost of materials is rising as demand exceeds supply. Our products are locally sourced, and we have manufacturing facilities and sales offices located worldwide to help reduce delays in supply chains. When re-thinking your energy sources, re-think how your solar panels can be installed.

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