Care & Application


1. Secure to cord by inserting rounded end through hole in strap and pulling tight.
2. Wrap tie around cords and back onto itself to secure.

For Cut-to-Length One-Wrap ® Straps:
1. Cut tie to desired length
2. Wrap tie around item to be secured
3. Fasten tie by positioning over itself


    • Are these straps re-usable?

      Yes, all VELCRO® ONE-WRAP products are designed to be reusable.

    • Can ONE-WRAP Rolls be customized to any size?

      All ONE-WRAP products can be cut with household scissors to create the perfect length adhesive for any project.

    • Will this work as a cable management solution?

      ONE-WRAP® products are reusable, adjustable and can be cut to any length, which makes them a perfect tool for clearing the clutter. Use cable ties to wrap and strap cables at home and your workplace.

    • Can I use this for transporting materials outdoors?

      Yes, our reusable VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP ties and straps are safe for both indoor or outdoor use.