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Conquer the mess of cables under your desk. VELCRO® Brand Mountable Cable Sleeves can help you organize that nest of untidy cables behind the entertainment center or complement your under desk cable management. And make it easy to change out components while still keeping the cables concealed. Our cable management sleeves come in three different sizes and two colors, so you can customize them to disappear into your environment. Our cable sleeves will allow you to mount cables out of sight horizontally or vertically. It’s easy to change out cables. Simply pull the sleeve open, adding or removing cables as needed. And if you no longer need cable management in one area, the sleeve removes easily and leaves no trace it was ever there. Time to get organized! From your home office to your entertainment center VELCRO® Brand Mountable Cable Sleeves make it easy to hide wires and reduce clutter all over the house. VELCRO® Brand Mountable Cable Sleeves are just one more innovation to make your life easier and more organized!

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Declutter entertainment centers, workspaces, and more with VELCRO® Brand Mountable Cable Sleeves.

Organize tangled cords and wires—at home or on the go—with VELCRO® Brand Electronics Organization Collection!