Care & Application

1. Wash and dry fabric before applying VELCRO® Brand Iron On fasteners.
2. With steam activated, heat steam iron to highest setting.
3. Cut tape to desired length (tip: round fastener’s corners).
4. Remove release liner from back of tape.
5. Position adhesive side on fabric.
6. Place fabric, fastener-side down, on pressing surface (tip: always iron fabric from the reverse side of the fastener).
7. Press for 90 seconds, applying pressure and moving iron back and forth. Do not scorch the fabric. For delicate fabrics, a press cloth is recommended. Do not apply heat directly to hook or loop tape.

Note: Steam iron performances vary. Cool fabric completely and test bond by lifting edge. If the fastener has fused, the edge should be fixed. If the edge can be peeled back, apply heat again. After applying Iron On fasteners, wait at least 24 hours before laundering. After waiting 24 hours, the fabric can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Close fastener when laundering.

Complete instructions are inside packaging.