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No sewing required! VELCRO® Brand Iron On Fasteners use a heat-activated adhesive that you can use in place of buttons, snaps, zippers or hook and eye closures. It’s easy to use and fuses directly to fabric. And it has all the strength you expect from a VELCRO® Brand product. Need a quick and reliable closure for that last-minute costume? Don’t want to see stitches around the hem of those dress pants? VELCRO® Brand Iron On Fasteners are the answer. Just iron it on and know it’s secure without a stitch in sight. There’s no chance of losing a button when you use VELCRO® Brand Iron On Fasteners instead of buttons. And it can be used on craft projects, costumes, décor, or on fabrics that are just plain difficult to sew. And you know the fastener won’t fail, because you ironed out all the details yourself. You can count on VELCRO® Brand Iron On Fasteners to last wash after wash, in hot water, and in cold. Whatever it is, go ahead and make it, but make it easy with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.