Designed especially for use on rough surfaces, VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor fasteners are ideal for your most demanding indoor and outdoor jobs. Need to hang a few things outside in the elements? Extreme Outdoor fasteners to the rescue. Organizing the patio or garden? VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor fasteners will stick to most smooth and rough surfaces, weathering humidity and shifts in temperature like a champ. Organize your outdoor space, so it’s just the way you want it. VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor fasteners are there for you when you need truly superior holding power that will withstand high temperatures and low. Great for hanging anything outdoors that may need to be attached and reattached multiple times, VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor fasteners will be your go-to solution for projects around the house and outside where you need a little more power. VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty offers powerful solutions for tough projects. Don’t let your to-do list boss you around. Stock your toolbox with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty fasteners and be prepared for anything.

Our Products In Action

Outdoor Sign Installation

Keep plants in place and bring your ORIGINAL THINKING to your outdoor space with VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor Tape.

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