Care & Application

ALFA-LOK® fasteners pack super strong holding power into mere inches of hook to hook engagement.  Small pieces, like the one-inch squares or 3 in x 1 in strips, will get most jobs done.  We recommend one square inch of fastener for each 2.5 pounds of load, not to exceed a total weight of 15 pounds.

ALFA-LOK® fasteners are not recommended for drywall, polypropylene, polyethylene or fabric surfaces

Apply at 50 F or higher

Apply to a clean, dry surface free of dust, debris or oils

Remove the protective liner to expose the adhesive and press firmly along the full length to ensure a firm adhesive bond to the surface

Touching the adhesive will weaken performance

Adhere tape to the application surface and allow to set for 60 minutes prior to mounting.  Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours

Use minimum one square inch of fastener for each 2.5 pounds of weight.  Total weight should not exceed 15 pounds.

Minor hook shredding is normal upon repeated opening and closing and does not materially affect closure performance.


    • I received only one side of the fastener—is there a soft side?

      ALFA-LOK™ fasteners are made of mushroom shaped hooks that snap together. They are unlike traditional hook & loop since the one part engages onto itself—no need for two different sides. Note: not recommended for use with traditional hook & loop fasteners.

    • How much weight can ALFA-LOK™ fasteners hold?

      ALFA-LOK™ fasteners hold 2.5 pounds of weight per square inch of fastener, not to exceed 15 pounds of weight in total. A small piece of ALFA-LOK™ fastener packs super strong holding power.

    • How do I disengage ALFA-LOK™ fasteners?

      Peel the fastener apart beginning on one edge of the fastener. Working your way across, lift gradually towards the opposite edge

    • Is the adhesive on ALFA-LOK™ fasteners removable?

      The adhesive is permanent. Removing it may damage the substrate

    • What is the operating temperature of ALFA-LOK™ fasteners?

      Once the adhesive fully bonds to the substrate (after 24 hours), the operating temperature range of ALFA-LOK™ fasteners is -40 F to 194 F (-40 to 90 C).

    • What surfaces can bond to ALFA-LOK™ fasteners?

      A broad range of smooth or textured surfaces, including: metal, wood, glass, vinyl and concrete. ALFA-LOK™ fasteners are not recommended for use on drywall.

    • What is meant by “textured” surfaces?

      Mildly rough. If unsure, test in an inconspicuous area.

    • Can ALFA-LOK™ fasteners be applied in cold temperatures?

      No—a minimum of 50 F is required when applying the adhesive. Once bonded, operating temperature is -40 F to 194 F (-40 C to 90 C).

    • I am a musician and want to mount my guitar effects pedals to a baseboard. Can I use ALFA-LOK™ fasteners to do that?

      Mounting effects pedals is a great application for ALFA-LOK™ fasteners. They have excellent tensile strength for a superior hold.

    • I need to mount a sign in the gymnasium at our school. Can I use ALFA-LOK™ for that?

      Yes, so long as the sign is a semi-rigid or rigid material.

    • Will ALFA-LOK™ fasteners bond to fabric?

      Unfortunately, ALFA-LOK™ fasteners are not recommended for fabric.

    • Can I use ALFA-LOK™ fasteners to hold my sofa cushions down?

      Not recommended since many sofa cushions and sofas are fabric based and are often treated with stain proof coatings that resist the adhesive bond.

    • Can I use ALFA-LOK™ fasteners outdoors?

      Yes—ALFA-LOK™ fasteners are UV and water resistant.

    • Can I use ALFA-LOK™ fasteners in a wet environment around my hot tub and pool?

      Yes so long as they are not submerged under water. ALFA-LOK™ fasteners are water resistant but not water proof.