Care & Application

Perfect For Everyday Organization

VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® Rolls are designed for indoor or outdoor use. It is great for organization of cords, bundling materials, transportation of materials, and much more.

Strong Hold, Easy To Apply

VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® Rolls conveniently attach themselves at any length. The durable heavy duty design is perfect for use around the home and office.

Adjustable and Reusable

Cut the roll to any custom length whether you are organizing cables or bundling lumber.

One-Wrap Tie Rolls

1. Secure to cord by inserting rounded end through hole in strap and pulling tight.
2. Wrap strap around cords and back onto itself to secure.

For Cut-to-Length One-Wrap ® Straps:
1. Cut strap to desired length
2. Wrap strap around item to be secured
3. Fasten strap by positioning over itself


    • Are these straps re-usable?

      Yes, all VELCRO® ONE-WRAP products are designed to be reusable.

    • Can ONE-WRAP Rolls be customized to any size?

      All ONE-WRAP products can be cut with household scissors to create the perfect length adhesive for any project.

    • Will this work as a cable management solution?

      ONE-WRAP® products are reusable, adjustable and can be cut to any length, which makes them a perfect tool for clearing the clutter. Use cable ties to wrap and strap cables at home and your workplace.

    • Can I use this for transporting materials outdoors?

      Yes, our reusable VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP ties and straps are safe for both indoor or outdoor use.