Abrasive Tools Maximize Performance with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Abrasive tools

When it comes to prepping a wall for painting, polishing a new vehicle or smoothing out some wood for a DIY project, eliminating unnecessary tasks is important. Abrasive tools have changed how industrial, commercial and residential projects are performed by making them easier and reducing time. With VELCRO® Brand products, abrasive tools have eased labor […]

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VELCRO® Brand Products Enhance Functionality for High Temperature Insulation

In many environments that include extreme temperatures, such as firefighting, oil & gas and metalworking, workers need to depend on materials that can withstand the heat. They need to know that the gear they’re wearing or the insulation they are installing on piping and equipment will align with industry standards and provide the performance and […]

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Stay Connected by Supporting Smart Building Technology with VELCRO® Brand Products

Smart Building Technology

To save on costs and maximize efficiency, commercial building managers are expected to monitor and control everything from a single location. This becomes increasingly more important as industry experts project there will be more than 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2025. Smart building technology connects all utilities in commercial spaces […]

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COVID Vaccination Centers: Extraordinary times. Extraordinary solutions.

Trade shows have long been considered the most effective way to educate customers, build brand awareness and generate leads for companies worldwide. In 2020 the rapid spread of COVID-19 brought the entire trade show industry to a virtual standstill. While the benefits of live communication at trade shows are still among the most powerful tools […]

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Movable Walls Made For Post-COVID Offices

JuuNoo Movable Walls

As the pandemic unfolds, working from home has become the norm for a lot of people. Around 42% of the US labor force is now working from home due to COVID and 4-in 10 people in the EU. Adjusting to this new life may take a while for companies to reopen offices, but when they […]

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Organize and Secure Commercial Office Spaces with the VELCRO® Brand

Office Infographic

The infrastructure of an office space relies heavily on scalable and flexible results. VELCRO® Brand products provide easy and fast solutions to your installers, ultimately saving them time and money. Help your contractors secure commercial offices spaces, be competitive and provide them with a reliable, versatile, product without compromising on quality.   Signage Ensure wayfinding […]

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VELCRO® Brand Partners with Carlisle® SynTec Systems to Create Award-Winning RapidLock™ Roofing System


For years, VELCRO® Brand construction fastening systems have provided a greener option for manufacturers, architects, and builders – to create sustainable solutions for their building needs – and even helping earn potential LEED green building rating points. The VELCRO® Brand has recently partnered with Carlisle SynTec Systems to create a sustainable, revolutionary, adhesive-less roofing solution […]

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Introducing the New VELCRO® Brand Universal Flooring Tape

We are proud to announce the launch of our VELCRO® Brand Universal Flooring tape. With the VELCRO® Brand Universal Flooring tape you can change your floor design as many times as you want, without leaving any residue or damage.

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Up on the Roof and Securing Solar Panels

Our products are a Mr. Fix It favorite. But did you know we use it to help generate self-sustaining energy for our entire office? We call that a General Fix.

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