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Optimize Subcontractor Management with Color Coordination

Constructing a new commercial building is a big job that involves many subcontractors to install electricity, data communication, security, and other modern systems.

To finish the job on budget, on time, and according to industry standards, every subcontractor needs to work together. This means using the right equipment, coordinating tasks, and staying organized. For cable installations that involve multiple teams, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape in different colors can help everyone stay on track.

What Teams are Needed for the Job?

Team of contractors

For commercial buildings like manufacturing sites, schools, or government buildings, multiple cable installers are needed to set up modern systems including data communication, pro AV, and security. Each system needs a specialized team to install it correctly, either under one system integrator or as separate subcontractors.

These teams get materials based on the plans from the general contractor or engineering consultant. It is essential to keep teams and their work organized to complete the project on time.

Keep Teams Organized with Specific Colors Assigned to Each Installation

Cable installation with Color Coordination
Photo Credit: Shawn Repp

Well-organized teams and materials keep projects on schedule and within budget. With so many cable installations in a building, there must be a way to identify which installations belong to certain systems and who worked on them.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape comes in various colors to assign to different teams. During inspections, professionals can easily spot and identify which pathways belong to specific systems.

BradyGrip™ Print-On Hook Material lets workers print extra information on each cable pathway, beyond just color coding. If you forget what a color means, you can print the info on these cable labels. Using these methods for cable identification ensures efficiency and accuracy.

Align with Industry Standards & Create Organized Installations for Future Maintenance

Contractor Inspecting Cable Installation

Installers need to make sure their work meets industry standards such as BICSI, ANSI/TIA and NEC. Color coordination helps inspectors easily spot every installation so the project can be completed sooner. If there are areas of improvement, teams can easily see which cables need attention by the color of the cable ties.

Future teams can easily identify cable pathways by color to diagnose faulty cables and make upgrades. This is especially important for fiber optic cable installation or data center maintenance, where precision and organization are crucial.

Create Colorful Cable Artwork that Amazes the Customer

Cable Management with Color Coordination
Photo Credit: Shawn Repp

Cable installations are an art form, and installers are motivated to create colorful masterpieces. Matching colors with cable jackets supports this trend and creates neat, professional installations that impress customers.

Don’t let your team get lost in the cable jungle. Use VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape, available in fire-retardant options and various colors to distinguish different installation types. This not only enhances subcontractor management but also ensures effective cable identification.

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