Panter, Safety Shoe Manufacturer, Collaborates with the VELCRO® Brand

panter safety shoe

  Since 1979, Panter has been the leading safety shoe manufacturer within the labor and uniform industries. Today, they ship from their manufacturing facility in Spain to all over the world. As their presence continues to grow, they’ve fostered relationships with brands around the globe and have presented their innovations from Madrid to Dubai. Dedicated […]

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Learn how VELCRO® Brand fasteners help footwear & apparel evolve at the 2019 Fall Material Shows

Velcro Companies Exhibiting at the Material Shows

For decades, Velcro Companies has been providing fasteners to footwear and apparel companies for countless applications, including outdoors and even outer space. Every step of the way, we’ve been innovating our fasteners with new materials and technology. If your footwear and apparel products are designed to be durable for nature’s harshest conditions or soft and […]

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Join our apparel and footwear team at the Materials Show

The VELCRO® Brand has been a part of the ever-changing apparel and footwear industries from the very beginning. Since then, we’ve evolved tremendously and have created an array of solutions based on our client’s needs. Apparel and footwear are just one facet of our diverse range of applications– from adhering football stadium turf to soft […]

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