DIY Face Masks with the VELCRO® Brand

8 Easy Ways to Make a DIY Face Mask with the VELCRO® Brand - No Sewing Machine Needed!

Watch this video to discover 8 DIY no-sew face masks that are quick and easy to make with household items. No sewing and no elastic needed! To slow the spread of coronavirus, the CDC recommends wearing DIY face masks in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Making a DIY face covering is much easier than you think - even without a sewing machine - and helps ensure that surgical masks and N-95 respirators are reserved for frontline workers

  • Flexible and adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Cut-to-length or pre-cut options

Ties & Straps

ONE-WRAP® Rolls & Straps

Quick and clever hack to relieve pressure and irritation of ears caused by traditional over-the-ear disposable face masks. Simply loop the pre-cut tie around the elastic straps and secure behind your head for all day comfort. Also available on a roll in a variety of widths for convenient cut-to-length customization.

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Industrial Strength & General Use

Industrial Strength Sticky Back Fasteners

Recommended for attaching a face shield to headgear. Intended for demanding environments with an operating temperature of 0° to 120° F (-18° to 49° C).

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General Use Sticky Back Squares & Tapes

Pre-cut squares and tapes for quick and easy application on common materials for home-made face masks and protective gear.

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How to make a DIY face mask - 8 easy methods!

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Garden Tie

Repurpose this soft and gentle to the touch tie to make your own straps. It’s light and supple to easily conform to curved surfaces.

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For Fabrics

Sew On or Sticky Back Soft & Flexible

Use with your old t-shirts, bandannas or other fabrics to create at-home face masks. It’s soft and a great alternative for straps. For those who want to skip the sewing machine, a sticky back option is available for easy bonding to fabrics.

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