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Easy Peasy Polka Dot Art

VELCRO® Brand Polka Dot Art

Need to add a little color to your walls but don’t know where to start? Grab a few canvases, your favorite colors in spray paint form, and a few polka dot-shaped pieces of adhesive coins from Velcro Industries, and get to work!


stretched canvas

– spray paint

– VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Coins

– VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back White Coins

– VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength Black Coins

Easy Peasy Polka Dot Materials

We’ve been kind of obsessed with polka dots lately and looking to create some dotty wall art. The thing is, drawing perfect circles or cutting out circle stencils is a pretty tall order. They always end up lopsided, and it’s hard to get a really clean line. Enter VELCRO® Brand coins, also known as round pieces of adhesive tape that you can easily peel on and off of canvas.

Polka Dot Art Step 1

First, create your design using VELCRO® Brand coins. We’ll start with the Industrial Strength (aka large) ones. Spray paint away in any design you like, and let dry. 

VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Coin™

Peel off the coins and you’ve got bright white polka dots in the middle of your canvas! And guess what? You can totally reuse the coins for another project. Win!

Easy Peasy Polka Dot Art Materials Two

Repeat with as many designs as you like.

VELCRO® Brand Polka Dot Art Spray

Just be sure to let the spray paint dry for a good 30 minutes before peeling off the VELCRO® Brand coins.

VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back™ Coin Peel

Who knew gold, fluorescent orange and electric blue could be such good friends? It almost looks like a hyper-color sunset or something! Makes us dream of sunny summer days… ?

Easy Peasy Polka Dot Art Final

VELCRO® Brand Polkda Dot Art Computer Room

Polka Dot Art Brit Morin

What are your favorite easy wall art projects? Talk to us in the comments below.

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