Biomimicry on Display at ROCA Gallery London

Photos by Susan Smart.


Last year, ERF- Estudi Ramon Folch i Associats, S.L curated a beautiful show hosted by ROCA Gallery in Barcelona about biomimicry and the premise that properties found in nature can inform and inspire man-made products. This year, the show moved to ROCA’s London space, nearby our European HQ, so we were lucky to check it ourselves.

You’ll notice the beautiful lamps that Luis Eslava and Lorena Sauras designed using tiny strips of our products, alongside products inspired by birds’ flight, lizards’ grasp. All proof that nature works.

Check out more photos and the exploratory video of gallery goers enjoying nature’s works of art.







Curious to learn more about how VELCRO® Brand products came to be? Check out this video.

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