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Helping Hands: Velcro Industries and The Home Depot

The Home Depot Foundation‘s mission is to ensure that every veteran has a safe place to call home when they return from service. “Whether it’s working with our associates to make an injured veteran’s home wheelchair accessible or transforming permanent supportive housing facilities that provide both housing and services to veterans, we strive to make a lasting impact.” Last week, Leslie Bauman, part our sales teams, got down to work helping do just that under the hot Phoenix sun.


While some groups helped raise the roof for new housing, we built 10 raised plant beds chock full of veggies, fruits, and herbs.


Before the lettuce, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, cilantro, and basil were planted, a lot of prep work had to get done. We cut and built the structures for the raised beds, installed a fully functional irrigation system, lifted and rolled in 10 lb. bags of manure, and then planted every vegetable, herb, and fruit. As Leslie shared, “We were all exhausted, sore, hot, and tired after this build, but it was so worth it to see the faces of our happy US veterans that could now have ‘home grown’ fruit, vegetables, and herbs!”

Here’s Leslie, Ticia Reed, and another teammate hard at work!


To learn more about The Home Depot Foundation, visit their site here.

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