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VELCRO® Brand: There Is Only One

Ask a family member, or the person walking next to you, “What first comes to mind when you think of VELCRO® Brand?” The answer is likely something accompanied by a hand motion that signals two things being pulled apart and – if the subject has a sense of humor – an imitation of the noise that hook and loop makes when the pieces are pulled apart. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that they’ll say, “VELCRO® Brand, the category inventor of hook and loop created by Swiss inventor George de Mestral!”

Today, there are several manufacturers of hook and loop fasteners and products. But, it’s important to note that only those products that we – Velcro Companies – manufacturer can be associated with the term VELCRO® or use the VELCRO® mark.

We have evolved extensively since de Mestral invented hook and loop after realizing the idea while on a walk with his dog. Now, 70+ years later, VELCRO® Brand fasteners have dramatically advanced to enable strong and durable connections for heavy-weight items like football stadium turf as well construction and industrial projects. Our fasteners are even used in outer space, accompanying Neil Armstrong on his pioneering walk on the moon in 1968 (you can learn more about that by catching Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” episode that features our Brand – see air times here).

Fast forward to 2015 and we now have a library of more than 400 patents worldwide. Hook-and-loop has transformed from its original sew-on format and can now be integrated into products through a variety of ways, including pressure-sensitive adhesive, solvent-activated adhesive, mechanical, mold-in and welding options. The fastener can also be custom-printed to include branding, logos, patterns or to match the color of a specific material.

Our brand is evolving to create practical and engaging products for the end-consumer, as well. With this year’s launch of our PRESS-LOK® Bag line and our VELCRO® Blocks™ construction sets, we’re finding new ways to enhance the organizing process and create more fun play for kids.

All of our solutions are designed to create a connection between items that will endure until it is deliberately removed. For example, we give designers the flexibility to re-create, refresh and re-work; we provide transportation companies with ways to organize, gather and bundle; we make solutions for teachers that allow students to engage, interact and assign.

The only thing we’re adamant about sticking permanently in place is our Trademark, the VELCRO® name. Its heritage is the very foundation of our brand and the backbone of the 10 billion AMAZING CONNECTIONS™ our solutions create every year.

We’ve made a graphic to help illustrate the value of our Trademark. Check it out and let us know what you think.

VELCRO® Brand Trademark

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