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Answer Aerospace Market Demands with Interiors built by VELCRO® Brand Products

The aerospace industry is continuing to see an uptick in travel demand, and manufacturers need to keep up. As seen by recent quality disruptions such as loose doors and engine recalls, suppliers need to focus on quality as a top priority. While aerospace manufacturers seek to design the future of air travel, they can depend on VELCRO® Brand closures to deliver solutions without compromising on quality. The following applications are examples of how these closures can create modern aircraft interiors on time.

What you will learn:

  1. Installing Insulation Material
  2. Slimmer seating designs for more passengers
  3. Easy installation for carpeting

Ease of Installation for Acoustic Insulation Material

Acoustic insulation is vital to regulate temperature and noise from aircraft interiors. The flexibility of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners allows insulation to conform to various grooves and curves for secure, flush attachments. These fasteners also eliminate the need for tools and are easy to move and replace, reducing the chances of damaging valuable materials and supporting easy maintenance.

Attachments for Aircraft Seating for Slimmer Designs that Accommodate More Passengers

Seating manufacturers need to carefully select materials that create slim, lightweight seating assemblies. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are tested according to FAR 25.853 for use in aircraft interiors. Seating attachments can be installed quickly and efficiently with hook and loop solutions to greatly improve airline turnaround times.

The lightweight material also supports compact seating designs that satisfy airlines’ need to accommodate more passengers while optimizing energy consumption.

Seamlessly Replace & Reposition Carpeting for Cleaning

Airlines need to provide modern and comfortable experiences for their passengers from top to bottom. This includes consideration on what carpeting to use and how to install it. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can accommodate for many different carpet types. The soft touch fasteners enable easy repositioning and replacement without ripping out screws or nails.

The aerospace industry is always evolving, and manufacturers need to meet the many challenges the market presents. Velcro Companies includes teams of professionals who closely study the changes in the industry and how our fastening solutions can support vital needs. Learn how we can develop a custom fastening solution to help design the aircrafts of the future.

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