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How to Navigate the Top 3 Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges

In the fast-paced world of aerospace manufacturing, supply chains play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operations. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, the complexities of aerospace manufacturing supply chains can often be daunting as more consumers opt for air travel.

In the next five years, aerospace manufacturers will need to ramp up production to 55 to 100 aircraft per month. This significant increase in demand applies significant pressure on suppliers to deliver materials on time. Here are three major supply chain complications facing the aerospace industry and why VELCRO® Brand products can help.

Here are the top 3 supply chain challenges in Aerospace manufacturing:

Labor Shortages
Cost of Raw Materials & Lead Times
New Technologies that Change the Game

Labor Shortages for Aerospace Manufacturing Companies

Men installing airplane seats

Past pandemic restrictions and shutdowns created barriers for many to come to work consistently, leaving manufacturers to scramble for workers. Additionally, baby boomer workers are retiring, but without the same number of younger workers to fill the gaps. Even when companies can find skilled labor, the cost is 5% higher than 2022 due to the rising cost of living.

Many manufacturers are adding more incentives to attract quality talent including sign on bonuses, and increased pay and benefits. Without reliable labor, there are no products to deliver. While the solution to this matter is not simple, companies need to offer attractive benefits for the talent they can get.

How can VELCRO® Brand Fasteners help with Aerospace Labor Forces?

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are a conducive manufacturing solution for a less experienced labor force. They do not require precise positioning and or sharp tools that can cause injury and increased labor time and effort. This is particularly useful for quick and easy aircraft seating assembly or installation of aircraft interior insulation.

Raw Materials & Lead Time Bottlenecks

Raw materials waiting for delivery at an airport

The aviation industry paid an average of 27% to 44% more for raw materials in 2021 and this will continue to rise with inflation. Furthermore, labor shortages in warehouses and shipping yards have greatly contributed to delays in lead times within global supply chains. For an industry that needs to deliver on hard deadlines, this is a tough challenge.

To help combat delays in supply chains, manufacturing operations can procure locally sourced materials from regions that are less vulnerable to economic disruption. Shorter travel distances can result in shorter lead times. Additionally, long term agreements with suppliers that can hold inventory will provide more dependable deliveries.

How Velcro Companies Can Help with Lead Times

The transportation industry is heavily dependent on just in time manufacturing. To accommodate for the tight deadlines manufacturers face, Velcro Companies has a global presence in with operations in the Americas, EMEA & APAC. When aerospace manufacturers and suppliers work with Velcro Companies, they have access to a global manufacturing network and teams of engineers and customer service specialists with deep industry experience. We can work with our customers so they can keep products in stock and avoid delivery complications.

Disruptive Aerospace Technology

Modern aircraft cockpit with digital technology

New technology is transforming all industries, including aerospace manufacturing. Manufacturers need to carefully install and support technologies such as navigation and automation in commercial airplanes. These systems need to be better protected and supported by wires and cables.

Manufacturers will need to consider long term strategic thinking for cutting edge technology. First, suppliers and manufacturers can keep their eyes peeled on the market by investing in trade shows and conferences. This will introduce new technologies that can hit the market tomorrow. Another consideration is fully dedicated team of R&D professionals to determine how to procure and implement emerging technology in advance.

How Velcro Companies Can Support New Technology

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are available in a broad range of materials and sizes that can adapt to securing various technology and devices.

We also have a global network of engineers and customer support representatives who all have a solid background in the transportation industry. Our teams can function as an extension of our engineering team to develop new fastening solutions that align with evolving technology.

Velcro Companies Supports Aerospace Supply Chains With Regional Manufacturing & Industry Expertise

Velcro Companies global manufacturing footprint

While the aerospace industry continues its recovery, there are still complexities in supply chains. Velcro Companies has manufacturing locations across major continents and can deliver products with fewer shipping complications.

Velcro Companies includes teams of professionals who can recommend fastening solutions based on the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.

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