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Supplying New Solutions to Military Specifications

Each fastener on a soldier’s uniform is a touchpoint to provide tactical and lightweight reliability on the battlefield. The VELCRO® Brand offers innovative solutions to meet the rigorous demands of today’s military personnel.

As a vendor within the “Acceptable Supplier’s List” and a manufacturer of military specification A-A-55126 Rev. C, Velcro Companies is proud to be a recognized supplier of hook and loop fasteners to the United States military and globally for over 30 years.

The VELCRO® Brand Military solutions have added new products to our list of military specifications:

New low-profile options
As the original hook and loop provider, we work with the United States military to meet their soldier’s needs, while developing new products for the military specification. Without compromising on performance, the new VELCRO® Brand Military products create a low-profile fastener that’s thin, lightweight and available in wide-form. These new loops have the option to be paired with our newly added VELCRO® Brand High Technology or Molded Plastic hooks, ensuring its high-performance and sleek design. These fasteners provide our clients with dependability they can count on.

VELCRO® Brand Loop 3610 Warp Knit (Class 6) & VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001 – Circular Knit (Class 7)
As a 100% nylon loop, the VELCRO® Brand Knit Loop 3610 provides a low-profile option for an average life-cycle. Closure to our standard woven knits, the VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001 is additionally a 100% nylon loop, offering a wide circular knit, perfect for any soldier.

VELCRO® Brand HTH 888 ONE-WRAP® Fasteners Laminated / Nylon and Polyethylene (Class 8)

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps

Residue-Free and Durable Connection
As a self-engaging closure, the VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners are laminated without glue or chemicals, creating a residue-free connection. Designed for durability the VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners can be used over and over again. Available in a variety of strap styles and sizes, this fastener is suitable for any application.  

Manufacturing in the USA
With manufacturing located in New Hampshire, our products are certified, “Made in the USA,” and meet the requirements of the Berry Amendment. We are more than your average supplier, our staff of engineers from all over the world are available for technical support and mutual development opportunities.

We have helped our customers create high-performance products, ranging from tactical apparel all the way to load-bearing equipment. We focus on the fastener, so you can focus on the mission.

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