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How VELCRO® Brand Products Reinforce Quality for CLAWGEAR Tactical Apparel & Accessories

In emergency circumstances such as natural disasters or pandemics, the public needs to know that local authorities will be there for critical protection and assistance. In order to ensure they are prepared, military members and first responders need equipment that is dependable and comfortable in highly demanding conditions and can be produced in large volumes on time. This is why TMH Trading sought out VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners for its CLAWGEAR tactical apparel and accessories.

CLAWGEAR Develops Tactical Apparel & Accessories to Support the Military at Work

Tactical Apparel

CLAWGEAR products support military, special forces, police and private contractors with the highest quality products, made to the highest standards on an international scale. These products are highly functional, have an athletic cut and offer a variety of sophisticated features. CLAWGEAR, based in Austria, is constantly developing and improving the technology and design of its tactical accessories. Durability, reliability and quality are not negotiable. They are mandatory.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Ease Supply Chain Complications & Enhance Performance for the Military

Tactical Applications
Picture by Clawgear

Providing tactical accessories and custom apparel to all corners of the globe can be challenging. Responding to new challenges reported from the field, CLAWGEAR develops innovative solutions quickly. The internal R&D department enables them to go from first drafts and concepts to the finished product at their own tailor’s shop.

CLAWGEAR needed reliable, fire retardant, fasteners for its equipment bags and military jacket pouches. The company turned to VELCRO® Brand Military Solutions to deliver quality products from nearby manufacturing locations in Europe, reducing lead times and complications with imported goods.

These lightweight, flexible fasteners reduced bulk on the overall product while maximizing functionality. The high life cycle means the fasteners can be used many times over, even in harsh outdoor conditions. These factors ensure performance and comfort for the end user.

Cobranding Hang Tags Reinforce CLAWGEAR Product Quality for the End User

Tactical Apparel Hang Tags
Picture by Clawgear

According to a spokesperson at CLAWGEAR, “Velcro Companies managed to solve a very complex problem and did not give up. The specifications we provided were fully implemented, and the colors were a perfect fit. Other producers promised solutions but gave up when the first difficulties appeared. The team at Velcro Companies accepted every challenge and delivered on every promise.”

For additional reassurance for the end user, CLAWGEAR included a cobranding hang tag on their accessories because they felt that the VELCRO® Brand logo verifies the quality of ingredients in the product.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Align with Military Requirements & Ease Supply Chains

Tactical apparel & accessories
Picture by Clawgear

VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been established in the military industry for many years. They are commonly used to secure uniforms, pouches and more because they align with many military standards, including the Berry Amendment in the USA or OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 in Europe, and are available in military standard colors.

With manufacturing in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia, we’re able to service your industry on a global scale.  We qualify local and international sources of raw materials to mitigate interruption in the supply chain, providing our customers with on-time delivery from anywhere in the world. Talk to us to learn how we can add ORIGINAL THINKING® to your military applications.

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