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VELCRO® Brand products help Elevate’s foot drop braces keep patients moving

People are on their feet every day, and many of us struggle with orthopedic conditions that make being on our feet difficult and painful. Orthopedic technology has improved over the years, which means having a neurological or muscular foot condition does not have to prevent anyone from living a comfortable and active life. Elevate Dynamics teamed up with Velcro Companies to create a foot drop brace that improves how patients move.

Orthopedic foot drop brace designs need to reduce product bulk & rigidity


A common musculoskeletal condition is foot drop, a neurological or muscular inability to properly lift the foot upwards. To help solve this, a brace needs to keep the patient’s foot elevated while in use.

Orthopedic brace designers need to conceive products that better fit into their patients’ everyday lives. This means creating devices that are lightweight, adjustable, but also durable to withstand all of the demands from everyday chores to weekend hikes. To stand out in the industry and create a strong relationship with end users, designers need to create products that don’t feel like they are there.

Elevate Dynamics get patients moving & keep them moving


Elevate Dynamics is a USA-based, orthopedic brace design company that empowers people to move by changing how products are designed and manufactured.

When the company decided to design a family of Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs), they wanted to not only get people moving again, but also enable them to stay in motion. This required a lightweight and flexible brace that conforms to the patient’s lifestyle.

VELCRO® Brand Products reduce foot drop brace weight while increasing functionality


Hook and loop fasteners are frequently used in the orthopedic brace industry for their ease of use. VELCRO® Brand Medical Solutions are lightweight, easy to adjust and reliable which was conducive to help Elevate Dynamics design a brace that discreetly assists the patient.

Reduces weight – the textile fastener helps to reduce overall weight on the design and blends into the brace’s appearance.

Adjustability – The hook and loop material is easy to remove and adjust, enabling the all-sizes-in-one approach that Elevate Dynamics intended. Since many patients in the orthopedic field also have low dexterity, it eases use every time the brace needs to be repositioned or removed.

Durability – VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been a well-established brand name in the medical industry and have developed a reputation as well-engineered and durable closures. The fasteners are easy to adjust and are also certified to last as long as the patient would expect to use them, adding confidence in the product’s one-year warranty.

Why VELCRO® Brand Products are well known in the medical industry

VELCRO® Brand products have been an established name in the medical industry for many years. With custom engineered solutions that continue to adapt to the evolving challenges of chiropodists, patients and businesses, VELCRO® Brand Products are not just fasteners, they’re engineered solutions. Contact our medical team to learn about our worldwide manufacturing locations, industry certifications and custom solutions.

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