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COVID Vaccination Centers: Extraordinary times. Extraordinary solutions.

Trade shows have long been considered the most effective way to educate customers, build brand awareness and generate leads for companies worldwide. In 2020 the rapid spread of COVID-19 brought the entire trade show industry to a virtual standstill. While the benefits of live communication at trade shows are still among the most powerful tools in any company’s arsenal, the ability to deliver has been temporarily suspended. Many tradeshows are moving to online formats, forcing exhibition companies to reassess their business plans to remain relevant today. When our customer, beMatrix, turned their attention to providing a customizable modular solution for COVID vaccination centers, Velcro Companies was there every step of the way.

 beMatrix: Making live communication easier

beMatrix continues to reinvent their open-frame exhibit building concept they developed in 1993. They have added improvements like curves, pivot doors, and the ability to use both rigid and fabric graphics in the same frame. As a rentable and portable solution, frames can be built up and dismantled in no time, keeping investment costs low and making it a completely reusable solution.

COVID Vaccination - metal frame with hook and loop on it

What was the challenge for COVID Vaccination Centers?

With trade shows canceled and future events in limbo, beMatrix began looking at ways their products could help the world move forward. They began to focus on a line of solutions to meet the demands of the COVID vaccine rollout.

Vaccinating millions of people quickly in many locations is a huge challenge. Areas like convention halls and sports arenas are helping to roll out the COVID vaccine. How can these temporary vaccination centers maintain social distancing with so many people? In so many kinds of locations?

Quickly evolving plans would need a fully customizable solution that could be used anywhere easily and adapted quickly. Solutions that could be reconfigured and reused again and again.

beMatrix immediately set about addressing all of these issues by designing portable vaccination centers that are easy to set up and maintain social distancing. Thanks to their existing product’s customizability, they’ve been able to develop a solution in record time.

COVID Vaccination centers using beMatrix's solutions

In response to the immediate global need to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine, beMatrix has developed a framework for mega-centers that is 100% customizable, provides a quick turnaround time to install, and can be produced on a large scale.

COVID Vaccination centers using beMatrix's solution reception area

The VELCRO® Brand Solution

Powered by our VELCRO® Brand Solutions, beMatrix depends on our fasteners to attach panels to their frames. Low-profile, durable, and flexible VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop is perfect for the task. By placing our hook and loop strips on the back of infill panels, beMatrix attaches the panels securely to the frame, creating a customizable, lightweight wall.

Fast & Efficient

With a little help from VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, beMatrix provides their customers with solutions quickly and efficiently. Simple press-and-go solutions minimize the need for tools and make the mounting process faster and easier than ever before.

Flexible & Modular

Attaching panels to beMatrix’s frames requires maximum adhesion.  Every location has different challenges and requirements. The beMatrix framework makes it possible to quickly and easily transform any site into a temporary COVID vaccination center. The durability and strength of VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop is instrumental in making this possible.


Our VELCRO® Brand Fasteners are the ONLY solution with the durability and life-cycle that beMatrix can pair with a product that can be reconfigured at least 200 times.

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