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Sorting Centers Can Improve Industrial Robot Maintenance With VELCRO® Brand Cable Management

E-commerce has exploded into an industry worth over $800 billion dollars and, in 2020 alone, it expanded by 44% YOY. The pandemic has caused many consumers to realize that they don’t have to leave their home to buy most of their products which means added volume for logistics and sorting centers. Successful companies are investing in industrial robots to manage the increase in volume and drive more efficiency.

As Sorting Centers Expand so does the Need for Automation & Robotics

Industrial Robots

E-commerce and logistics companies are investing in industrial robots to expand production and keep up with the growing demand on their businesses. By automating certain processes, costs are reduced, and efficiency is improved so deadlines and quotas can be met. Hitting all of these goals helps the business expand its reach and ship products to customers at the right time.

The Cost of Industrial Robot Downtime

Industrial Robots

In sorting stations, one of the most valuable assets is time. With so much depending on these machines, companies can’t afford to spend time troubleshooting maintenance issues. Downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute. Whenever a machine requires attention in the warehouse, engineers and maintenance staff need to be prepared and act quickly to minimize lost time.

VELCRO® Brand Products Ease Industrial Robot Maintenance with Reusable & Flexible Cable Management

Industrial Robots

If a business is going to invest heavily in industrial robots, why not make sure they are equipped with the right cable management? Robotic dress packs are the arteries of the robot, providing power and control. These hoses and cables need to be well organized, but also safely secured with flexibility to maximize the robot’s range of motion while at work.

VELCRO® Brand products such as ONE-WRAP® Tape & FLEX-ZONE™ Fasteners are soft, flexible and reusable cable management solutions to keep machine dress packs organized. They are easy to open and close, which simplifies the process or removing and replacing cables and hoses when necessary. They reduce risk of over cinching and the need to use sharp tools to unfasten them. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging valuable equipment and time spent on maintenance.

Reducing Labor & Time of Operations Increases Productivity & Happy Customers

Time is a top priority in warehouses and sorting centers. Using flexible, reusable cable management to prevent damage and simplify maintenance of industrial robots reduces potential downtime. This helps keep supply chains on budget and on time, creating more satisfied customers and end users. Contact us to learn how VELCRO® Brand Industrial Solutions can keep your warehouse operations running smoothly.

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